Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obsessed (and compulsive)

I tend to be obsessive. I know it. I'm also a little compulsive. And never have these traits been more expressed in my writing than now.

I have two YA story ideas I can't get out of my head--they just won't let me rest. I can't sleep, I can't eat. Well, I can eat. I ALWAYS can eat... but the point is Thanksgiving is going to be a wash-out, homemade gifts for Christmas aren't getting done, and my kids are living on crackers and some substance that comes out of a can and resembles cheese. I have a hundred books I want to write, but these have taken such a hold it's almost frightening. I'm of course not going to tell you their entire plots (I'd lose my ardor for them if I did that), but here are some pictures to get an idea of what's wrong with my cranium:

Photo 1: The Graverobber (Photo courtesy of The Resurrectionist film, 2002) Essentially, the book is historical fiction and I'll just say, what would you do if you were on to a cure for a disease of epidemic proportions, but it was illegal to get the necessary cadavers for research and study?

BOOK 2. A stew pot retelling of Lithuanian folklore, mythology, medieval history, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, and Cinderella. (You'll never know me to be discriminatory!) Visualize it with these pictures:

Photo #2: Stelmuze tree--largest tree in Europe (photo credit to

Photo #3: Curonian Spit, Lithuania (Photo credit:

Photo #3: Two fates and three witches. (Drawing: Galina Bogdel)
Now that the outlines are done, perhaps they'll let me alone occasionally so I can live my life. And sleep, yes... sleep....

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy with lots of thoughts!!!! How fun. Good luck with the writing.