Thursday, December 25, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure Part II

The girl was so grateful for the heart-felt outpourings of comfort from her blog friends that she felt compelled to share with them her mother’s status. Because, hey! Things were looking up. The sweet mother/grandmother made the four hour journey to Albuquerque and received a more hopeful second opinion. The new oncologist was a specialist in gynecological cancers and enrolled her in an international clinical trial where she’ll be able to receive the two chemos she received before (which worked) and one new drug in Phase III FDA approval, Avastin. Though chemotherapy is no great joy to go through, the treatments are immediate and after six months, they will be over. The best part about having the new doctor is the Dr.’s philosophy that Ovarian Cancer is a chronic illness rather than a death sentence (which was the previous oncologist’s view).

These were days to rejoice about! The weather, the good news about her mother, and the beauty that comes from a day spent writing and playing with children. As a capstone to the joy in the girl’s heart was the horde of awards her blog friends had sent her.

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  1. Sounds like the new doctor is a gem! Awesome :)

  2. Great news - I'm so glad the new doctor is more hopeful!

  3. What wonderful news. Sunshine on all fronts. Delighted!