Monday, December 8, 2008

Weaving threads of words, setting cogs and wheels in motion

When I'm writing, I have a mental image in my head of braiding strands of hair (or thread at a loom, if I knew how to do that). I can sense the words blending and turning together as eight locks of hair between all my fingers. With each weave, I'm integrating all the elements of the story and writing. I'm trying to use literary devices, good word choices, fitting dialogue, foreshadowing, backstory, perfect verbs, and most of all, I'm trying to move the storyline forward. It may seem silly, but it does feel like weaving. My sister sent this to me last night and instantly it reminded me of writing too. A lot of things are always happening at once, balls bouncing and cogs twirling, as I write the bare story. They're not all necessarily what the reader can see. And for that matter, what the writer can see in the moment either. Sometimes it's not until I go back that I see something magical that was happening within the story I did not "mean" to happen.

And those are some of my favorite moments of writing.

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