Friday, January 23, 2009

Lights in the darkness

This week has been crappy. What between my health and a kid with croup, I’ve been pretty down. And then the writing suffers and then I’m really down on myself. But, being as it’s Friday, I’ve no wish to dwell on that and want to give you some things that have brought light to the darkness of the week:

1. U2 has a great new album coming out in March! Yes, I’m excited, but I ask you, can you resist the good ole days either?!
(Sorry, you have to link away, YouTube won't let me embed their U2 songs.)

2. It’s raining here. Yes, actually raining. It should be snowing, but here it is, so warm that it’s been raining for two days. We’ll take any precipitation we can get, though, and chalk it up to something good.

3. I only remembered after I wrote chapter five in the Lithuanian folktale that it doesn’t get dark there in the summer until about midnight. Very frustrating, and no, nothing to be upbeat about, but at least I remembered BEFORE I carried it on even farther into the book.

4. The kestrals are all back in my neck of the woods and looking for ladies. I know this will sound weird to non-bird people, but I love to see them when they perch on the fences and telephone wires. They are so beautiful with their bright colors that I can’t help get wistful about the days when I participated in bird count surveys. I love birds! (And all vertebrates, for that matter.)

5. I have FRIENDS! This is a big shout out to those people who stand by me, believe in me, and love me (yes, I consider my family my friends too). Thank you to all of you who have sent well wishes via phone, facebook, and my family blog regarding my health, which is okay now.
(Note: I apologize to those of you who don’t have access to the family blog—I keep it private for the safety of my kids.)

6. I’m grateful for patience. I’m still learning patience, but I’m getting better. And I’m patiently awaiting a status report from an agent that has a full of Courtesy and Patience (how ironic). I know it’s not the most efficient way of getting out there—waiting on only one agent—but I have the time and I’m of the opinion that it only takes one yes, not a war of agents vying for your contract. So I’ll wait for what this one (who sounds awesome) has to say before I hit the drawing board again. Meanwhile my other books won’t write themselves, so excuse me while I get back to work…

So what have you been up to? What things have been on your minds this week?


  1. Ok so now that I've added you on my blog I can more easily follow. I enjoy all the things you write. Keep it up.

  2. Yay for U2! Oh I love em!

    I have to say I am loving the return of the birds as well! They are so pretty in the back yard!