Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Odd years for my oddities...

This year (2009, duh) is my year. Yep. Good things come to me on odd numbered years and I feel it in the joint of my left pinky toe that this year something good will happen to me.


1977-- I was born. On Easter. (And now you can figure out how old I am.)
1985-- I moved away from Florida and the humidity. I was also baptized in the faith I still hold dear.
1989-- I began junior high. (Most people wouldn't count that as a blessing, but when you came from a sixth grade class of 8 people, it was the best thing in the world.)
1991-- I got my first car, thanks to my mom and dad needing a chauffeur for my siblings.

Then let's fast forward to 1995, because I can't remember much of 1993 at the moment.

1995-- I started college and cracked that door of freedom wide open.
1999-- I married the perfect man (perfect for me at least). I also started graduate school, which felt like another open door.
2003-- My daughter was born!
2005-- We moved to northern Arizona where I can go in any direction and hug a pine tree in a national forest.
2007-- I had my son and he's still kicking and screaming (healthily).

So here we sit on 2009, and I know whether it be finding an agent or the perfect pizza dough recipe, this year is going to be great.

That's all I had to say. Go ahead and carrying on with your New Year's resolutions and that traditional goal setting rubbish. Because no matter what you do, good and bad things are going to happen all on their own this year and you know it.

(Not that I'm superstitious. And not that I'm against goal setting either.)


  1. I agree, 2009 will be awesome! It's only been 9 days and WHEW it's a doosy so far! I can't even imagine where the rest of the year will go, but I'm feeling like it's about ready to explode into awesome :) Congrats again on getting so far with your writing!

  2. I have great luck in odd numbered years too! All my kids - my marriage etc! Love it!
    I hope this year is awesome and - I have a great pizza dough recipe I will share!!!

  3. Hi Jackee! What a fun blog. I've wanted to check out northern arizona forever. Dry air and pine trees? I'm sold.

  4. Lindsey,
    Then come on over! Better yet, count us on your soon TBA book tour and come have a free place to stay. :)