Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Free Three

My "Frees" came in Threes today:

1. I love it when I'm in a dead sleep and hear the words, "I need a bowl!" Yep, that was me last night. My husband and I ran, raced each other to the cupboard, got to the bed only to find out that what the child meant was that she needed a bowl several minutes ago. And the pool of yuk has now spread to the floor as well as the mattress, covers, and blankets. And I'm standing in it. Barefoot. In the dark.

Yep, that was me last night.

So all my appointments are canceled for the day and I have the day FREE to clean up for company and to write. WRITE! YAY! I love it when I'm on fire with the desire to do that.

...And it's awesome being a mom!

2. Shannon Hale is giving away FREE ARCs of her next book. But please don't go and check it out because then it decreases MY chances of winning. Just kidding, I never win anything anyway so it might as well be one of you. :)

3. How did I NOT know that John Mayer did a cover of one of my favorite songs?!

Tom Petty... there just aren't many artists like him anymore....


  1. All I can do is smile. I feel your pain, yet I find much humor in your predicament. Might I add, that is quite a quagmire you found yourself in this morning. Call if you need anything...(well as long as it doesn't entail cleaning up puke - sorry - I'll clean anything else).

  2. Ewwww...I hate cleaning up puke! (That's why I married a guy with a shop vac that will do it for me!!!) Anyway, sorry you've got the sickies at your house, but I'm glad it gave you a day to write and relax (at least as much as you can with 2 munchkins running around.)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks cleaning yak is not the finer points of parenting. Luckily, Steve also will clean up for me. No shop vac like Kenny, though. He's hands-on. :)

    Quagmire just might be my all time fav word when you say it, Tiff! I could never get away with it in common conversation.