Sunday, March 22, 2009

Give Me Liberty (or Give Me Death)!

Last week I took a hiatus from life in general. Instead, I hung out with these three: the impatient fisherman, the ever-hopeful net holder, and the rock thrower. It was just what I needed to gain a better perspective because the trip caught many snags along the way (excuse the pun). And the smiling faces that have their backs to you ended up being the only highlight of the week.

All month I've tried to come up with a reason why my latest writing sucks... and why I can't sit down and belt out 1500+ words a day like I want. I know there have been many reasons, but one biggie is I've lost confidence in myself. I haven't allowed my brain to create ROUGH drafts, to write for myself, or to make mistakes. Really at this point my writing is only for me--I might as well face that and enjoy the ride.

I've had my nose in the air for too long, hopeful the scent of publication was nearing. It's not important right now, I've decided this week. All that matters is writing the next books, because they are what is bringing me happiness. The actual pure writing. And this week has taught me to live in the moment and appreciate simple joys and pleasures.

So here's the new me! Motivated! Energized! Upbeat! And I can't tell you how excited I am about my super secret new ideas... Okay, so I probably can since I'm horrible about keeping secrets...

1. A sequel to Courtesy and Patience. It will be mad-cap! It will have spies! And airplanes and proper British girls Patty is sure to want to knock flat on their frocked bums.

2. The Lithuanian folktale. My husband read the first part and says it feels very folkish, E European, and is reminiscent of Shannon Hale's Goose Girl beginnings. Except it's very flawed. Which is a good thing--since it's only for me right now and I think this will be one of those books that takes a looonnng time to get it just right.

3. A YA contemporary comedy. About a girl with a Beatles' obsessed dad. That's all I'm gonna say about that one because it's not ready for disclosure.

4. A YA Historical Fiction. There will be grave robbing, primitive surgical techniques, a little romance, a hanging, and a cure for an epidemic plague. Oh, I've talked about this one before? Sorry... still researching it. There's a lot to learn on this'un.

5. The Cierra and Sands of Tyne rewrite. (I call it The Lost Bloodstone, though I'm sure the title will change.) This book IS in the works, though for my eyes only. It's kind of like a steampunk/fantasy Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But not really. More like... Well, IJ is the closest thing I can think of like it, I guess.

There are other stories that won't leave me alone right now too, but this lists the ones in the forefront at various stages. (I also have one about a girl and a teen pregnancy that won't leave me alone, so we'll see if she surfaces soon.)

Hopefully telling you this won't damper my exuberance. I don't think it will. And the truth is I needed to get it out so that you know I'm not giving up. I've got goals, baby! And I know you, my friends, will help kick me in the butt.

So bring on the steel toes!


  1. By the way, the post title: Patrick Henry reportedly said those words on this day in history (1775). Appropriate, no?

  2. I dont think any of us even realize when you lose your motivation... I always have you as the pinnacle of the creative minds.
    and mabye the reason you can't write 1500+ pages a day... pregnancy. I couldn't even read a book for most of my pregnancy... remember?

  3. LOL - that was the first thing I head this morning thanks to NPR!
    I think all of the new ideas are awesome!!!!! It sounds like you had some great reflection time on your trip!!!

  4. Also... I agree 100% with Brookes comment!

  5. Writing is not for the faint of heart, is it? It takes so much perseverance and soul lifting. But look on the bright side: you have ideas for numerous projects, you're doing something you love, you ARE a good writer, and to prove it--you made it through the slush pile! An agent asked for your manuscript and even had others read it too. Look at where you were last year and tell me life isn't better. Your book is awesome, and the last one was too. I'm glad you've come to your senses this week. Keep writing. The world needs your expression.

  6. Good for you!! I have to remember that most of the things I do in life are meant to bring me joy (except laundry...and dishes.) If anything else comes of them, that's just a bonus! You're too good of a writer to give that I;m glad you had a chance to get away and renew yourself! Oh...and I agree with everyone else...I'm thinking pregnancy is why you're feeling a little off your game.

  7. Aww... ya'll are too nice to me. I don't deserve it.

    But shush... don't tell the world I'm gravid! :) It's a poor excuse not to be productive. :) I did, after all, work up to delivery with the oldest. 'Course... I wasn't as old as I feel now.