Sunday, April 5, 2009

Link O' Mania #1

I had a cute and funny post all planned out for today and then eight o' clock struck and I became brain dead. Sorry. Chances are it wasn't as droll as I thought it was anyway, so I'm sure you'll not lose sleep over its loss.

Instead, I give you Link o' Mania for the woman's soul. Yeah, yeah, I know it's corny. But honestly, I've been a bit, "poor me, poor me" lately and the following links have helped me remember that there are others out in the world who deserve my self-pity more than... well... mySELF. I know these people don't want pity, but they can certainly use prayers. So pray for them with me, please!

1. My cousin just had a baby with heart and GI tract problems and can I just tell you how inspiring her story and little Grant's is. They (she and her husband) are amazing people and though my heart breaks for them, their strength gives us weaklings hope.

2. Nie Nie is a mother who has been through a fiery furnace (an airplane accident) and has managed to overcome it and claim her life back bit by bit. I can't help but cry when I read her story and think how very blessed I am.

3. And for those of you who are hopeful writers, Stephanie Blake has had many ups and downs trying to get published. But I have to really admire her perseverance. She has a great story on trying and trying again. And she seems like a great writer, too.

4. I love, LOVE Lindsey Leavitt's blog. (Note: blogger wouldn't let me link: Not because she's going through some enormous struggle, but because she's hilarious and sassy and well, all those entertaining things bloggers (and especially teen/tween writers because that's what she is) should be. I can't pull it off, that's for sure. If you need a laugh, go and visit. But come back to me. I swear I'll try and be funnier. I'll even remember to post before it's past my brain's bedtime.

Did I miss anyone? Probably. So why don't YOU leave me some other blogs that inspire you? Others (and I especially love the women stories) who struggle through and overcome huge obstacles. I need other blogs to stalk, because it's not as if I already waste too much time on the Internet anyway. (Yes, the sarcasm should be noted.)


  1. You need to check out Blog Segullah at It's an almost daily blog by the creators of an LDS literary magazine. You'll find dozens of insightful and uplifting entries that relate to your life, even though they are from another's perspective.

    PS-Maybe it's not so bad that you're thinking of yourself, as long as you're contemplating positive change.

  2. No great links for you, but I just thought I'd let you know that your post about the bear and mantis inspired my RS lesson last Sunday. Thanks for the help!

  3. Ok, this might be mean to do to you, BUT I realy do find this blog inspiring. Only read if you're not already sad about something. I found this blog through my friend Emily's blog. She has a little baby that's now 8 months old, and she found this family through someone. Anyone, this couple's faith in God and true hope and love is so admirable even through all the hard times they've had this year. I hope I can learn to trust God as much as they do: