Monday, April 20, 2009

Old School and Out of Cool

Lately I've been feeling old. Even though I'm not that old. (Really, I'm not!)

And generally I don't feel the age thing, since I'm only 32 and am an active, healthy person. My habits of eating dinner at 4:30 pm, going to bed at 9, and/or hating loud music don't even dent my mental image of my being a cool, twenty-something momma. I just don't see myself as a crotchity old lady, even if I know (deep... deep down) my twenties are behind me.

Instances recently, though, have made me wonder if I am old and out-dated on the coolness scale.

For one, I'm not up on the acronym/texting lingo. I mean, I just barely learned what LOL and BFF meant! And then I had to learn what LMAO and IMHO stand for.... There are so many, how does one keep track?

Last week was my birthday and the day before I went on a field trip with my Kindergartener's class. We had a great time, but as we were on the bus headed home, my daughter tells everyone, "My mom's birthday is tomorrow and she's going to be 32!" Of course all her friends proceed to tell me that THEIR mothers are 26 or 28!

"That makes you older, Mrs. Alston," they told me, rubbing it in unintentionally.

The icing on the over-the-hill cake though, was when the kids asked their teacher how old she was and SHE said she was 26 too! I felt old. I knew their teacher was young, but I didn't know she was that much younger than me.

Normally all these things wouldn't bother me, but as I've started free-writing my first contemporary novel, I feel too uncool to be writing a hip teen book (is hip even a word I can USE anymore?). So, with my mental block in place, I'll stumble ahead anyway and hope that my coolness will come back sometime.


  1. I found out what most of those things meant from you asking what they meant on facebook! You are soooo not old! But the teacher is only 26? I knew she was young but good grief!

  2. You are so funny! I think your coolness comes from trying to understand the craziness that is todays teenagers. This post made me laugh!

  3. It could be could be 33 or 34 (ahhhh!!!!!). You'll be a great hip teen writer because you'll be able to give one of your characters all the wisdom that you've learned but infuse it with all the fun you had learning it!!
    BTW...Kenny directed me to to bring me up to speed on my acronym lingo, but I haven't been there yet, so I'm still UN-hip and completely clueless! lol (I've now managed to use the only two acronyms I know in one comment. Does that make me cool yet?)

  4. Wow, that Kassidy story is harsh! You are NOT that old. I always thought I wanted to be the 25 year old mom taking her kid to kindergarten, but now that I'm about 22 and we're not going to have our first baby for another couple years, I'm not devastated. My sister is 36 and her oldest is 5. I look at her personality wise and she feels exactly like my age! Just remember: "old" is a subjective term.