Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom: A Plea for Advice

Normally I have life together. At least I think I do. But lately I can't seem to get my ducks in a row, I swear! Here's why:

1. WRITING. I established a routine almost twenty years ago while I was in high school where I would get up in the morning at 5 am and type away drivel on a surplus laptop my dad brought home for me from work. (It really DID look a lot like this one. And the writing really did suck.) This habit of getting up early has continued throughout college and work and everything else.

My best hours for productivity are still between 4-7 am.


my two year old has another agenda for me--especially lately. He likes to get up with the butt crack of dawn too and claim my undivided attention. So what do I do to get writing done?! I write during his nap, but I'm also struggling for other times during the day. I NEED other time. Does anybody have other suggestions of how to get it/find it?

2. WAITING. I'm learning patience. But not fast enough. Maybe it's because of the pregnancy and all those added hormones. Maybe it's because I've always struggled with patience, but I've been waiting for word on Courtesy and Patience (ironic I know) from an agent who has had it for the last few months. I wouldn't obsess, but this agent seems a perfect fit and well... cooler than I deserve. Additionally, I haven't sent out any other queries because I really want her opinion first. I'm stupid, I guess. I put all my egg-shaped hopes in one basket and am completely distracted by the 5 month wait. It's effecting my writing, clawing me onto the Internet too often, and making me lose sleep. But this isn't any different than anything other writers have experienced and I'll survive.
Anyone have any advice on how to earn patience in a REALLY short amount of time so that I can get back to my life?

3. CLUTTER. Clutter is threatening to swallow up my being in one bite. I have four unwritten books clamoring around in my head that will not be silenced. And I want to write them all. Right. Now. This is creating (a) no time for house cleaning, and (b) slips of papers, ideas, and notes scattered all over the house and my desk. I've tried to minimize the mess by making 4 comp books with glued scraps inserted for each book. That's helped, but my brain feels as scattered as my house. Luckily my peach of a husband has challenged me to finish ONE in 30 days and then he'll have a BIG SURPRISE for me (which just means the rare dinner date). Whatever I can get, baby! Besides, it's been nice to just write--not plan--not edit, just write (that is if I can focus and find the time).

But alas... the messy house... does anyone have any advice on how to control the clutter?

...And do it ALL without coffee???


  1. On writing...Bring Isaak over!! In addition to Wednesdays!
    On patience...don't pray for it! Whatever you do...don't! You will get it and probably in an undesirable, unlikely way!
    On clutter...I'm with Stephen...start with one thing and do it. As far as the house, call me when you want me to come clean! (You can have Emma while I do so)
    On coffee....ugh! Sorry, no suggestions there. Talk to me when you aren't pregnant, then I can help.

  2. HAHA well my coworkers would tell you that first of all you're crazy for trying all of these things without coffee. :) You're lucky to have such a supportive husband through all this! Kids, house, chickens AND writing novels? You must be super woman! And I hope you get your dinner date! :D As for clutter, finding time to write, and earning patience in one fell swoop?? I don't have much to tell ya. Although I know for ME, I have a hard time getting ANYTHING done when I have too many things in my head. My suggestion would be to do one at a time (if you can). Devote all your attention to ONE subject. For instance, if Isaak is napping one day, work whole heartedly on your writing. The next day: work only on another totally different task. It will be hard to block out all the other millions of things you want to get done, but at the end of the week, you may find that you've actually accomplished a lot more one step at a time than doing the fox trot right into next year with the same to do list you have right now! Let me know how it goes :)

  3. Oh Jackee...I'm right there with ya (as you can tell from my blog posts lately!) Wish I had some advice for ya, but unfortunately I'm stuck in the same ruts that you are. I would bet, however, that you are doing much better at managing things than you think you are. Why? Because you're you, and you're AWESOME!!