Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Hype

Mother's Day is overrated. It's nothing more than a sick tradition started by the flower, chocolate, and card companies.
I mean really, why would we ever want to celebrate the person who has influenced ours more than any other human being? Why would we pay tribute to the woman who walked through the shadow of death to bring us each into the world, who laughed and cried over us, always thought for every moment raising us that we were the smartest/prettiest/greatest kid on the block?
Yep. That's Mother's Day. Such a hype.
...And I love it. And I LOVE being a mother!
And my gifts this year were more than I could have asked for:
1. 2 1/2 beautiful and intelligent children with the hottest and smartest dad in the world.
2. A gorgeous, new picket fence for my garden, handmade by that dad.
3. A clean sanctum sanctorium, ready for exuding creative juices all week.
4. A Barnes and Noble gift card. (That guy I married 10 years ago knows me so well! Still!)

5. The ONE John Mayer CD I've been missing in my life.

6. Gourmet food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (No, I didn't have to cook it myself!)

7. Homemade cards and kisses from two sweet, little people.

So is this materialistic holiday worth its hype?

For me, it's the one day I feel entirely appreciated and so, so, so LOVED!


  1. Glad it was such a great day for you! Love the pic of I. next to your desk! :)

  2. I am glad everyone was so good to you on M day! Hooray!!!! And your fence got finished! Hooray! And your desk looks sooo great! Fun stuff!

  3. I don't think it's about all the "stuff" so much as it's about the "appreciation." If we could have Mother's Day once a month...forget all the extra pampering stuff...and just have a day when everybody says "Thanks mom, I love you" life would be perfect!!!
    (Though I must admit, the pampering was pretty fun this year too!)
    Glad you were spoiled...and I wish my desk were as clean as yours!!!

  4. How awesome! I LOVE your desk! And just in case you were really wondering: Mother's day observance was a proclamation by Woodrow Wilson stating that the American mother serves the country in the greatest way possible and that they should be honored hence-forth on every second Sunday of May. Some people should probably go back and re-read that proclamation...

  5. Jackee, I can't believe how clean your writing (AKA S. S.) space is.

  6. Tina, yeah... it's already messy again. But in a productive, good way.