Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After whining last week, here's my update: The agent passed. But she did so with incredible compassion and offered to look at it again (or other things I had) once I made a few changes. And so, I set back to work! (It's a good thing I love this kind of work.)
In the meantime I think I'll make that agent one of these:

And maybe act a bit like this:

A small thanks for giving me hope in the nebulous business (to me!) called publishing.


  1. AUH :( I hope you just keep at it and don't get too discouraged! Your writing is great and I'm sure there will be more and better opportunities out there for you! Maybe baby #3 will be a good luck charm :)

  2. It's okay. She passed, but left a window to resubmit AND another agent asked for a partial this week. So it's out on exclusive right now and I'll wait patiently then if it's another no, edit like crazy and retry the first agent.

    Really, it's a good thing. I'm learning the ropes better this way. :)