Saturday, May 16, 2009

Will Work for (Good) Food

My husband might not write novels, but he understands about deadlines and the need to sometimes just regurgitate a draft onto paper. (Though I make sure he remembers his dissertation was shorter and took less time than mine.)

And I don't know if it's BECAUSE of his understanding or lack thereof, but he's holding me to our bargain about getting a rough draft of the new work in progress (WIP) done in 30 days. Now, I think he should cut me a little slack because I've been (a) editing like crazy on Courtesy and Patience, since both agents who requested it came back with a kind no and (b) outlining the WIP because I couldn't just go with wherever it took me like I had hoped.

So technically (in my mind) the deadline should be June 4th. And if I can write 2k a day, I can have a rough draft done by then. Albeit a REALLY rough draft. So far I have only 7k written on it, but the characters are coming easy, there's not much world building, and it's a short book. Besides, June 4th feels like a natural deadline since that is the last day of Kindergarten and I won't have as much time on my hands after then. Anyway, don't you think my husband should extend the deadline? Please say that I'm right!

Oh, and about the book? It's Young Adult (YA) contemporary. I don't like to put any other genre labels on it more than that, but just for any (are there any?) inquiring minds, it's the Beatles book I might have mentioned before. A SMART romantic comedy. And I'm looking for any research: do ya'll have any favorite romantic comedy movies, especially ones with band/music lover themes? Or books, CLEAN Young Adult books about teen girls, romance, and rock music. Any good ideas?!


  1. I did like the movie Just my Luck - it is cute and fairly original - I have it if you want to borrow it:) I can't think of anything else off the top of my head... I will try!

  2. There's always the "classics" ...Some Like it Hot, Bye Bye Birdie. Then there's the 80's ...Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Footloose. The 90's...Wedding Singer, Moulon Rouge, and of course, Broadway ...Wicked. Don't know if any of those are what you would consider "good", but I think they'd be considered romantic comedies.

  3. Kristi: Yeah! I like that one too. Not a big fan of Lindsey Lohan, but occasionally she makes/made some funny movies.

    Cass: Ooh. I didn't think about adding on some classics. Good idea! I'll have to dust off Girls Just Wanna Have Fun too. And Wedding Singer... an all time favorite!

    I watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist the other day (and didn't read the book--cheater pants). Wasn't a fan. I only found a few things to laugh at.

    My problem is what goes along with Rock and Roll? Sex and Drugs! Not into that message, ya know?

  4. I think the deadline should be extended! And I can't believe kindergarten is almost done! That means 1st grade is right around the corner! AHH!

  5. Thank you, Steph. I'll let the powers that be know you are on my side! :)

  6. Oh my word, the wedding singer! So great!
    All of Cassies list are great! I have preggie brain right now and havn't thought of more! ;)