Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Latest Obsessions

I've been fixating lately on a few things I just had to share:

1. Vitamin Water:My friend gave me a bottle last week and now I'm hooked. (You know who you are and it's all your fault!) But they have no caffeine, just fructose and electrolytes. I especially love the lemonade one. Go and try some and tell me what you think!

2. Prenatal Yoga:
Can you believe the big D-day is only about 7 weeks away?! August 10th is my scheduled induction and with my body slowing down and walking not very easy with the current complications, yoga has been a life saver. My body did, however, let me walk the ACS Relay for Life for my Mother (who was just pronounced cancer-free a couple months ago). It was a great, bonding experience for our family and my favorite moment was watching my Mom walk with the other survivors, her hair the shortest of all, and my kids waving ecstatically at her as she passed. When my eyes and hers met, I admit I bawled. I'm just so grateful to have her. To have her be a Grandmother to my children.
Okay, sentimental moment over....
3. The Beatles Anthology: Both the film, the CD, and the book.

My new WIP is pressing at my head and though I didn't make my deadline to get it written (got into editing Courtesy and Patience instead), my fingers itch to get this one down before the baby comes. I love learning all the cool facts about THE BAND and having an excuse to listen to their music all day long. And for you curious few, here's a snippet out of the MC's head from the WIP:
My father often said that if you gave him a life circumstance—any life circumstance—there was a Beatles song for it. Yes, he was a fan. A huge fan. John Lennon was the idol he lowered his chest before. And with a last name like Pilchard he couldn’t resist: he convinced my mother to name me Semolina. Semolina Pilchard. As in dripping from a dead dog’s eye. Turns out he may be a big fan but an ignorant one, extracting my name from a horrid English pudding and a house cat delicacy, John Lennon’s two most hated items intended for digestion. And though he failed at baby naming, he is right in one respect—life does seem to be one endless strain of Beatles’ lyrics.


  1. Love the snippet! It was fun visiting... for me anyway, I don't know about you! :) Here's to hoping your fingers fly faster than the next 7 weeks!

  2. I love that excerpt from your WIP :) Can't wait to see new little baby! Please don't name her Semolina. And I'm glad to know you like pre-natal yoga! I want to be really into pre-natal yoga :) well, when I'm, you know, pregnant of course.

  3. Writing...Yoga...Walking the Relay.
    Look at you go! I'll give you a big WOOHOO!!