Friday, July 24, 2009

Attitude Overhaul Needed

Here’s proof that my attitude is waning at the end of this 9 month marathon...
Exhibit A. I’ve quit cleaning house. Unlike this day, I usually do still make my bed, though.

Exhibit B. I’m writing a little still (Beatles’ Book), but it’s absolute suckage. Most of the time, anyway.
Exhibit C. I complain about the heat if it gets above 80 degrees. No fun at the park, no fun outside. And we don’t have A/C. Maybe I wouldn’t complain if the darn monsoons came to stay, but they seem to sweep by my house, just getting my hopes up enough to toss them in the toilet and flush 'em.

Exhibit D. The natives are getting restless. I think they’re ready for school to start again, despite what they say. That means good behavior is at an all year low.

Exhibit E. Okay, there’s nothing to hate about this picture. That boy and his sister are just CUTE! (Incidentally, if you’re ever in Flagstaff in June-August, visit The Arboretum. You’ll never see a prettier, natural garden setting.

Exhibit F. This is what I’m MOST sick of:

(The shots twice a day, not the husband.)

I’m glad the heparin injections have kept me from being on bed rest, but some days other complications keep me from doing much anyway. Two and a half weeks left, I keep telling myself, and then I’ll have my body back (mostly). And a sweet baby to show for the trouble.

What’s surprisingly not bugging me? Not hearing back from agents with requested materials. Probably because there’s enough stuff to keep me occupied right now anyway. It feels good to not obsess... at least with one thing.


  1. I can TOTALLY symathize with what you are sick of the most... As for the other stuff,... good luck! Hang in there, good things come to those who wait! :) and if you want to see a GIANT sized Prego belly... go check out
    She is due the same time as you, and it was fun to see pictures of all the other Ostergaard girls.

  2. At least you have an excuse...I'm not preggo but could probably still use an attitude adjustment! (at least according to the kids!)...oh and I'm sure my house looks worse than yours!
    Hang in there! Only a couple more weeks!

  3. This made me cry.... PLEASE let me help you! Call me and let me know what I can do!!! (Otherwise I get too involved in our junk and don't think beyond it till 10 pm...)

  4. Wow! What a year so far! At least you'll have school starting right around baby time so you'll have a few hours a day with just two chilluns instead of 3. Can't wait to meet her!