Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's Thoughts

Just a couple of things on my mind today I wanted to share:

#1. Some days my writing time feels like I just hang out my tongue and slobber all over the computer screen. Other days it seems I crack my forehead open and bleed all over the keyboard. Since having baby #3 and trying to get back into my routine? It feels like both. At the same time.

#2. Babies poop a lot. I'd forgotten that fact. Kind of makes me wish I'd worked harder at potty training the toddler before this other one came.

#3. Either I'm older or consecutive babies make it harder for bodies to bounce back. This lumpy body is not going away fast enough. Of course, it could have something to do with making cookies and eating them all. And coffee cakes. And milk shakes. And doughnuts. Okay, maybe not the doughnuts. The husband makes the doughnuts.

#4. Why is nesting kicking in now that the baby's here? I seem to want to organize EVERYTHING this week and bring order to the chaos. Or at least a truce between the two.

#5. A writer/blogger I admire is giving away free ARCs of her book, Princess for Hire. Check out her new website to enter the contest!

#6. Agents. *sigh...* Agents. Their advice isn't the same, their tastes aren't the same and all I'm hearing from them lately is conflicting pointers. Yet I can't help believing somewhere out there is the Prince/Princess Charming of agents just waiting to take my story and make it sing to editors. There just has to be at least one. Please, just one?

That's all I got. So... what's on your mind these days?


  1. You are going to destroy your computer with all that blood and saliva!! :) Good luck with that Super-woman complex!! :D

  2. Ohhhhh Jackee.....you're awesome! Isn't it funny how such a sweet little innocent baby can bring such disorder into your world so quickly? I can't say I know how you feel with the writing (although, I'm sure one of these days some lucky agent will have the privilege of working with you) but I'm right there with ya on the babies/bodies/nesting/etc.

  3. Hey Jackee! I so get the body comment. I am really "feeling my age with this one!" She is a month old and my hips are still hurting and I am still moving slower than I would like. I wanted to comment on another comment you made but for the life of me I honestly can't remember what it was.