Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yep. Nothing important to say. I just wanted a headline reading today's cool date.

All those nines give a feeling of power and importance (not to me, per say, but perhaps to themselves). Makes me want to break out in The Beatle's Number Nine song (the White Album version).

And speaking of Beatles, the work in progress (with the Beatles' themes) is slow going. Darn it, first drafts are hard! And I admire anyone that finishes one, whether they be a good writer or... otherwise. It seems as if it doesn't get any easier, either--first book or twentieth. But I'm loving the story, love going on Beatle's tours vicariously through the characters, love chuckling at their quirks, and love the high it gives me to write even just a little every day. Exercise and writing, those are the things that are getting me through the moments when all I feel like is this:

Mama milk cow. (It's a good thing these babies are soooo worth it. They really are.)

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