Monday, November 30, 2009

Dinner Discussions

You know you push proper grammar and vocabulary too much when your six-year old asks at dinner, "Dad, did I use the word 'like' appropriately in my last sentence?"
Poor kids... they don't even stand a chance.


  1. My 8 yo feels the need to point out to adults when they use improper grammar!

  2. Your dinner conversations sound like ours...I guess we're a little OCD about the whole vocab/grammar thing! LOL!

  3. Cassie: Another oft-repeated dinner conversation quotes a certain someone you know: "Do I allow toys at my table? I don't think so!"

    Bethany: Improper use of the word "like" is especially irritating at our house. There's no safety for writer's children! LOL.

    Kristi: Thanks!

  4. hahahaha - this had me laughing out loud. perfect.

    what a good mom you are - someday he'll get into an ivy league college and owe it all to you :D

  5. Do Ivy Leagues offer discounts on tuition for kids with good grammar? Because if not, she'll have to stick with cheap BYU. LOL.

  6. So funny. Brings back memories of my dad asking, "which form of there, their, or they're would you use in the following sentence?" Yeah, we had nightmare dinner conversations; still gives me chills.

  7. Rebekah,

    Did you get the two, to, too lecture too? Ha, ha!

    How are you?