Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well Blow Me Down!

I won a contest, people! It was for Courtesy and Patience's query letter. What did I win? A critique of the first 30 pages (that would be worth $50 to $100 or possibly more because she's an agent). It blows me away that I was chosen and I hope the agent will like to see more. She was one of the ones I've never queried (but wanted to) because I'd already received a kind no from one of her co-agents. (And yes, I'm still waiting on answers from the few other agents who DID say they wanted to see the whole enchilada.) Check out her critique of the letter if you want!

Gotta go, dirty diapers are calling me. As usual.


  1. Wow! That's fantastic! Your letter was awesome and the agent really seems to like you :) Good luck and congratulations!!

  2. Thanks, Steph! Love the new profile photo. :)