Monday, December 7, 2009

Eats and Treats

Merry Christmas!
I love, Love, LOVE this time of year. The snow is falling outside and the kiddos are singing the carols with me. And watching the shows... giving me peace and quiet.
I'm an eternal kid at Christmas.
Today my Christmas thoughts are on stockings. Last year I spent a bunch of money on oddities for all the stockings, few of which actually got eaten/used. THIS year I've decided to spring for everyone's favorite things.
And my favorite things are also the things I leave at my desk and eat and drink as I write.
They are few in calories, great at sucking that stuck thought right out of my brain, and are South Beach Diet approved! Love 'em. (But only the individually wrapped ones in bag form, not roll form. Weird that they taste so different, really...)
Yep, plain old almonds are great snacks and help you ignore hunger while are still good, pure protein to help you LOSE weight. I'll be putting almonds in my stocking, yessiree.
This stuff just tastes awesome, though it's nothing more than chickory and a couple other herbs.
I have a bad habit of collecting water bottles. That's because I never find the exact ones I like. This year I found them!
Of course, I also will spring for other family member's favorites, like plain hershey's chocolate for the kids and these little beauties for the husband. But this year I'm determined not to let things go to waste.
So... what are YOUR favorite writing/desk/office treats? OR what treats do you want Santa to put in your stocking (by treats I mean food, not, you know... a whole shopping center).
Also, I'm going to really try and start posting better now that the baby is letting me. I plan on having something up every Thursday and Monday, so check back then!


  1. Chocolate Oranges are a annual favorite - which Santa has a hard time finding. Paul lots all kinds of nuts that you can crack open - we just need to get less (by a lot) than we got last year. And a random item this year, play dough.

  2. Fun stuff! Pomegranates and/or oranges are a must have in our stockings. Jon also LOVES see's candy bordeauxs and we put little fun things in there for each other like nail polish or a candle for me and Jon is harder to shop for but last year he got me some "Beef-n-Cheese" from the mini mart at the gas station and it had me rolling in laughter. (From the movie ELF: "You don't smell like Santa, you smell like Beef and Cheese!") HAHA it was great. I love those little thoughtful stocking presents.

  3. Mari: Paul is a nut. Or, how about Paul is a tough nut to crack? Or... okay I'll stop there with the bad puns. Steve loves those oranges too. They make the perfect thing to stick in the toe of the stocking.

    Steph: Pomegranates are too much trouble to eat, but I love putting oranges in! They're so... nostalgic and old timey. Jon and those elves... ha, ha... that boy loves elves of all kinds, doesn't he? And yes, I'd rather shop for stocking stuffers than anything. It's my favorite part!

  4. Chocolate. I didn't even LIKE chocolate until after I had kids. Now I crave it daily. What does that say about MY hormones, I wonder? Hmmm...

    Thanks for stopping by, Shelli. Your blog has got be the coolest thing since Lemonade Vitamin Water.

  5. I love Almond Roca at Christmas time. And finding little notebooks and cute pens in my stocking is fun too. I have as much (or more!) fun emptying the stocking as I do opening presents.

  6. This will sound boring...but our stocking are the place where we get all the practical things (ie. things that are too boring to give as a real gift: underwear, socks, toothbrush, bandaids) and then usually a small toy or book/coloring book to keep the kiddies occupied until we want to start opening gifts!

  7. Sherri: Almond Rocas are good! And I too love the stocking opening more than the gifts. I love seeing their faces when they get things they like but least expect. And I love getting myself all those little things I like.

    Cassie: You don't load up on chocolate?! Who are you and what have you done with my friend? No, the socks and stuff are a great idea because most people hate getting those as gifts so this way they're not disappointed by that pretty little wrap-job.