Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Five #4

Totally didn't get the post up I wanted to yesterday. Here's for a snowy weekend to blog (aka procrastinate cleaning my house)!
In the meantime, I give you Friday's Five Things On My Mind. (But since that's not very catchy, I'll just say Friday Five.)
1. I had a really cool story idea yesterday. So excited about this one. Then again, I'm always excited about a new idea. It's KEEPING that excitement all the way through that I struggle with.
2. It really annoys me how I forget type words when get going. I think because I'm slow typer. So sorry to anyone who has to read my digital hen scratch. I'm getting better... slowly.
3. My children are growing in leaps and bounds and this week I just want to squish their beautiful little selves down so that they stop. Stop, I say. The baby is now rolling over and experimenting with solids. The toddler comes up with the funniest ways to try and get into adult conversations, like, "So, Mom, what's your favowite coloh?" And the first grader has a loose tooth--her first! Apparently she told her teacher so many times that he finally said, "Yep, you told me about that. Five times ago." Gotta love the patience of elementary school teachers!
4. Christmas is almost here! Christmas is almost here! All I've left to do is send out packages to family far away and I'm done, baby. We made national news with all our snow. It's not that snow is out of the ordinary, it's just that it was all at once, within a few hours. Everywhere around us looks beautiful and Christmassy. That means I'm itching to go sledding and snowmobiling.
5. I'm continuing to do revisions on Courtesy and Patience. It's been awhile since I've revisited it and now I can see many spots where I can up the tension and pacing (thanks to Mary Kole's generous critique from the contest I won). I want to give this story the perfection it deserves. It's been on the desk of seven agents and all have passed. That's telling me something, I think (i.e. close, but not quite).
So there's Five Things On My Mind This Week. What's on your mind(s)?


  1. HA HA! Digital Hen scratch. I love your wit! It's also great in said 'digital hen scratch' and not just your blog. Keep it coming and one day (hopefully soon) an agent will NOT pass! :) I can't wait!

  2. What a full, busy life you have! IT sounds a lot like mine, only my baby is starting to walk--following in the footsteps of her older siblings--literally! Keep up on those revisions!!!

  3. Brooke: You only love my wit because you understand my craziness! :)

    Bethany: Thanks, I will keep revising! Yep, I think my life is similar to most STAHM who have a writing obsession they can't let go of. Ha, ha.

  4. I want to put my babies in a box, too. Even my 15 year old, 5 foot 8 inch one. It stings a little bit to see them grow up.

  5. Tess, you had better invest in a refrigerator box then, because a 15yo will only fit in one of those. He/she is taller than me even! (Of course, that's not saying much. I'm only 5'4".)