Monday, December 14, 2009

Life Is Beautiful: Giveaway

Last year around this time I wrote a pretentious and self-indulgent post about how excited I was for the new year, how I thought something good would happen for me in 2009. Well, it did! In so, so, so many ways this year I have been blessed.
Here are just a few:
1. A new baby! That sweet little four month old of mine was a VERY unexpected blessing. I was nervous about having another, after both my son and I experienced health problems last delivery. Everything worked out this time. If you've followed this blog before, you'll know that I had to have shots and it was a little bit rocky, but she came--healthy, beautiful, and more wonderful than any of us could wish for.
2. Two other awesome kids. They have learned, grown, and beautified my life with wondrous abandon this year. And having their dad around has not been too shabby either. Where would I be without them? In a very selfish existence.
3. Old friends! New friends! I've made so many great friends. Thanks to all of you.
4. I've had several requests on a manuscript! I've grown so much as a writer this year. And seeing personalized advice and encouragement has been rewarding. I still don't have an agent, but that is not something I can control. I can only keep writing and keep revising. I still have to hear back from a couple, by the by.
5. While others in this world have not had enough, we have! And more than enough. Because we have been blessed, we have been able to pay it forward this Christmas and I'm so grateful for that.
There are many things I am grateful for, but these are just a few.
AND in the spirit of gratitude, I'd like to offer one person a $25 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is become a follower of this blog, if you are not already. On Tuesday, December 22nd, I'll randomly pick the winner. I have a minor surgery scheduled on Monday, so it might not be until Tuesday night that I get the results up. But I WILL get them up.
Your chances of winning are good, since my readership is small, so please try for it! I want to give something away! Besides, you can always unfollow later. (Ha, ha.)
(By the way, I did find that great pizza recipe this year. Thanks to Marcella Hazan. But if anyone else has a killer one, I'll take theirs too! And the photo? One of my favorite places in summer: Silverton, CO.)


  1. UH! I thought I was the one to give you the great pizza recipe? :D Neat post. It is fun to be able to look back and see if you have met your goals. Maybe I will write mine down this year.

  2. Aww! I don't think I ever got that one... resend it, please!

  3. Awwww... You HATED my pizza crust recipe? ;) I want a cy of the one you found!!!
    You were right - 2009 was definitely your year! AMAZING! And look at you - so generous - I am going to put it on FB so lots of people can have a chance;)

  4. Okay, I'm a follower. I love Amazon... so I'm a sucker. :)

  5. Kristi: NO! I loved your recipe... I just couldn't size it down just right. And I was looking for something really authentic. I'll send you Hazan's and see what you think. But yes, I do use yours. And I do love it! :)

    Megan: No suckers. I WANT to give one away! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. How come I wasn't following you before??? I thought I was...sorry! Glad you had a great year. If anyone deserves it, you do! Hope you guys have a GREAT Christmas...and what's going on with the surgery (some friend I am...didn't know you were having surgery)? Call me or e-mail me or something!

  7. Cassie, you're not a bad friend. I just found out today that that's when my surgery is scheduled. (Lots of notice, eh?) Hopefully it will be no big deal--in and out the same day--just a hernia repair.


    And you have a great Christmas too!

  8. ah, new follower!
    Congrats on your little baby! And manuscript too! I have quite a few writer friends so I know how frustrating it can get a times!
    Happy holiday and good luck with your surgery!


  9. Fee, thank you! I only ask that you don't advertise it on giveaway forums, so that the odds are better for actual friends.

  10. OK, so now I am an official follower. I hope that you guys have a great Christmas. Mitch was supposed to go in on Monday also for a hernia and he rescheduled it until March so that he won't miss out on much skiing this year. Go figure. Good Luck. Miss you guys.

  11. I'm already a member, but I sent out the word to a few fellow bloggers!

  12. What beautiful things to be grateful for! And what an amazing year you've had.


  13. P.S. Good luck with your surgery. I'm glad it's minor!

  14. Vanessa: Mitch is a wimp! Just kidding. My Dr. wants it done right away. Besides, I've already met my deductible so it's cheaper. I just hate the idea of leaving that little baby at home without me.

    Bethany: Thank you! This blog is pretty quiet, but the chances of winning are good because of that.

    Suzzette: Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words. As I told Bethany, I love your blog (and Querytracker too, of course)!

  15. Bethany sent me over here, so now I'm a new follower! What a great post! And congrats on the new baby. I love new babies. And congrats on everything else, especially the requests for manuscripts. Yay!

  16. Thank you, B.J. It is awesome to have a new little one, especially when you know it's your last because then you don't want to miss a moment.

    Great to "meet" you and good luck with the giveaway!

  17. I'm STILL sitting here waiting to win the $25 gift card :)

  18. ps post your pizza recipe! Still looking for one I absolutely love rather than the few "so so" ones i've got at the moment