Saturday, August 29, 2009

Too Late Now!

I've noticed a trend with my three children:
Child #1 (b. 2003): Read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy while pregnant. Read The Silmarillion immediately postpartum and Harry Potter #4 while still nursing.
Anecdotal Observation: Child #1 has pointy ears that bend out at the tips.
Child #2 (b. 2007): Read several non-fiction titles (especially books about writing) and middle-grade historical fiction during pregnancy and while nursing.
Anecdotal Observation: Child #2 and has normal, rounded ears that stick close to his head.
Child #3 (b. 2009): Read My Fair Godmother, Princess of the Midnight Ball, the Percy Jackson series, and Artemis Fowl #6 while pregnant and read Brisingr while postpartum.
Anecdotal Observation: Child #3 has pointy ears that bend out at the tips.
That proves it then: My poor parenting choices have sadly turned 2 out of 3 of my children into elves.
What have I done?!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's Thoughts

Just a couple of things on my mind today I wanted to share:

#1. Some days my writing time feels like I just hang out my tongue and slobber all over the computer screen. Other days it seems I crack my forehead open and bleed all over the keyboard. Since having baby #3 and trying to get back into my routine? It feels like both. At the same time.

#2. Babies poop a lot. I'd forgotten that fact. Kind of makes me wish I'd worked harder at potty training the toddler before this other one came.

#3. Either I'm older or consecutive babies make it harder for bodies to bounce back. This lumpy body is not going away fast enough. Of course, it could have something to do with making cookies and eating them all. And coffee cakes. And milk shakes. And doughnuts. Okay, maybe not the doughnuts. The husband makes the doughnuts.

#4. Why is nesting kicking in now that the baby's here? I seem to want to organize EVERYTHING this week and bring order to the chaos. Or at least a truce between the two.

#5. A writer/blogger I admire is giving away free ARCs of her book, Princess for Hire. Check out her new website to enter the contest!

#6. Agents. *sigh...* Agents. Their advice isn't the same, their tastes aren't the same and all I'm hearing from them lately is conflicting pointers. Yet I can't help believing somewhere out there is the Prince/Princess Charming of agents just waiting to take my story and make it sing to editors. There just has to be at least one. Please, just one?

That's all I got. So... what's on your mind these days?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Audrey's Debut

Audrey Skye, born 8/10/2009, 6:15 pm PT

My blogging will be sparse for awhile getting one back into school, another used to home, and the other excited about being in between. Thanks for all your support and congratulations!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicken Brains and other thoughts on why I'm not published

Chickens are brutal and stupid. They really are. They're not cute or cuddly like people that don't have them think--they are mean and cruel and... well, you get the idea.

We have 10 chickens we raise for their eggs. Yesterday we put the two new chicks (which are now bigger than the adult chickens) in with the others and Wham! The older chickens killed one. We rescued the other, but the largest--of ALL the chickens, old or young--was stomped, pecked and bludgeoned to death. A horrible way to go. And a waste.

Ironically, we think the chicken that started the frenzy is the one with the most feathers already missing, the one that got pecked on before the "new" chickens (called pullets) joined the ranks.

My point in telling you this sad tale of chicken slaughter is this: There ARE some people who are cruel like these older chickens. (Let's call them "peckers" for fun. Ha, ha). But the peckers are few and far between. For the most part I think people have enough of a moral compass and brains (at least we hope) to understand that tearing one person down does not help them advance in status.

I've noticed this with writers.

Most writers truly wish each other well, as do agents and editors. They want to see success and jealousy is (potentially) kept at a minimum.
There are the few who give the rest of the flock a bad name, but most care deeply about their art and reaching out to readers.
When people ask me why I'm not published, I usually shrug, get embarrassed, and say that it's really, REALLY hard to get published. "Like one in a hundred thousand," I tell them.
But lately I've been thinking about what makes a writer into a published author and when I ran across a recent interview an agent gave, I realized she hit the nail on the head.
An agent or an editor can't just crush on a book. It can't be puppy love, it has to be a strong passion, a true love. It has to be something they'll stand behind--much like a marriage. And I just haven't met an editor/agent yet who feels that strongly about a book or me as an author. And that's okay. There's time. And face it, would any of us want to enter into a marriage or a business relationship that wasn't powered by enough devotion? I wouldn't. So I'll wait. And wait. And probably wait some more.
In the meantime I'll learn from my chickens how NOT to be. I'll be happy for other's successes, I'll grieve with them about the "almosts" and when people ask me why I'm not published, I'll quit being embarrassed and tell them that I just haven't met the right agent/editor who loves my books enough.
And that is enough. For now.
We'll see how it goes after I have this baby. Which is any day now. (Don't worry, I'll be annoucing it from the roof tops and you'll hear about it.)