Monday, January 25, 2010

Holed Up and Reading Lists

After a week of snow days, the oldest is leaving for school (though on a delayed schedule), the two year old is playing in his room, the baby is asleep in her swing, and my husband is back to work. Ahh! A minute to myself. I savor it.
We ended up getting 3-5 feet, just as NOAA predicted. Three feet on the south side of the house, four feet on the east side, and five on the north. And we've been home bound up until yesterday morning when my neighbor could finally get his tractor through the mess. Some buildings in town even collapsed, among the travesty was the USED BOOKSTORE and the ice rink. Too sad.
Here's what out our back door looked like (as a gauge, that guy there is 5' 10 1/2").
Fun times.
I'm still holed up at my house because THIS week The Boy (the almost-three-year-old) has to take super-mega dilation drops for four days so that the Opthamologist can figure out what his eye prescription should be. Poor thing, his eyes are crossing. So he and I and the baby are sitting in the dark so that he won't go snow blind. Literally.
But that's not what I wanted to post about.
I wanted to show you my list of debut authors! I'm so excited about so many books coming out, but I had to keep the list to a minimum. I have my own writing to do, after all...

1. Julie Kagawa The Iron King
2. Rae Mariz The Unidentified
3. Becca Fitzpatrick Hush, Hush

4. Leaving Gee's Bend By Irene Latham
5. Scones And Sensibility By Lindsay Eland
6. "Paranormalcy" By Kirsten White
7. Rachel Hawkins HEX HALL
8. THE SECRET YEAR By Jennifer Hubbard
10. Chelsea Campbell The Rise Of Renegade X
11. Greg Van Eekhout Kid Vs. Squid
12. Jackie Morse Kessler Hunger
13. Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich SEVENTH GRADE SUPERZERO
14. Jennifer Cervantes TORTILLA SUN
15. Prophecy Of Days By Christy Raedeke
16. The Mockingbirds By Daisy Whitney

These books are all part of the YA Debut Author Challenge that I talked about last week. Feel free to join on your own. And think of me, sitting in the dark on a sunny day, reading a stack of good books!

Oh, and don't forget to pick up your own Sunshine... in award form.


  1. I feel for you, Jackee. This is the time of year when I think, "Won't we ever be warm again?" I'm going to follow your lead and hibernate with a good book.

  2. Oh yay, someone else who's doing the challenge! I'm nabbing Paranormalcy from your list.

  3. Good heavens, that is a lot of snow! Did you have the books before the snow blocked you in?

  4. Bekah: Thanks. I usually like the cold, but I think this year I'm ready to get out and active. Books will have to do for now, I guess.

    Suzette: Hopefully a lot of people will read them all, eh?

    Holly: Only a couple of them. I'm dug out now, but some of the books I've chosen haven't been released yet.

  5. Oh my gosh! I can't believe the book store collapsed! That is so so sad :( Jon and I love love love the used bookstore by our apartment. In other news your yard looks GORGEOUS with the snow! If it wasn't for the damage it could cause to Isaak's eyes I would say it is probably pretty fun. It sure does look nice!

  6. Hush, Hush is begging me to open it. Haven't had time yet. But also on my list is Hex Hall, The Secret Year and 7th Grade Superzero.

    Jealous of all your snow!!

  7. I know what it's like to be at home, with snow falling.

    But what a great reading list!

    What about The Duff by Kody Keplinger? I want to read that when it comes out.

  8. All of that snow! People have been complaining about rain and wind on the east coast, but they have nothing to complain about! I hope you and your family don't go too stir crazy.

    I like the idea of a reading challenge, but I make too many last minute choices.

  9. Such an amazing list of debut authors. Can't wait to work my way through--I've read a few so far, but I have a ways to go!

  10. Steph: Snow is great fun. I grew up where there's a lot of snow (I learned to drive a snowmobile before I rode a bike). The boy, me, and the baby just can't get around and play in it right now is all.

    Sherrie: So many books, so little time. And I would trade you a day of snow for a day at the beach if I was in charge of that kind of stuff. Really, I would.

    Elana: Did Utah get hammered too? I hadn't heard. And the list was hard to whittle down.

    Theresa: I hate wind above all, so I still feel sorry for them. And now the sun is warming everything up. For now. For the challenge, the list can be tentative. You don't have to committ to specific books necessarily, just the number.

    LiLa: I know, sooo many good ones. I think we all wish we were on that list too, though, don't we?

  11. Geeze Louise, I thought we got a lot of snow. I guess I'll stop complaining ;)

    and, I am so so excited about this debut list .. go tenners!!

  12. I'm so thrilled that Prophecy of Days made your list! And I'm extremely impressed by the amount of snow you guys got! Very sad news about the used bookstore-hope some of the books were able to be salvaged.

    I'm sending warm regards to your snowy home!

    Christy Raedeke

  13. Tess: Soon it will be your turn to debut! Yay!

    Christy: Of COURSE you made the list. I'm so excited for it to come out. It sounds right up my alley--history, mystery, and Scottish isles!

  14. Snow is a great excuse to read, read, read :) Thank you so much for including TORTILLA SUN. You have a wonderful list of titles here.

    Warm thoughts from the Land of Enchantment :)


  15. Jennifer: Of COURSE I'm going to read Tortilla Sun! The story line really resonates with me: I was born in NM and my gradnparents still live there (just like Izzy's).

    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Jackee so far the plan to write first has been working out.

  17. Holly: Good to know! I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and do that.

    Shelli: It's going to be a good year for books! And we have another storm headed with the same accumulation. It's in the 40s though, so it might just turn to rain.

  18. Jackee! Where do you live? Wow -- that is some serious snow! And THANK YOU so much for including The Mockingbirds on your list. I'm totally psyched for you to read it. It releases Nov. 1!

  19. Jackee! That is some serious snow! Thanks so much for including The Mockingbirds on your to read list! I'm psyched for you to get your hands on it come Nov. 1!

  20. Daisy: You're very welcome. :) I can't wait to get my hands on it this fall!

  21. thanks for joining the challenge! you have a great list! i think it's going to be a lot of fun! hope you enjoy all of your books! happy reading and good luck!