Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scatter Sunshine

Dude. DUDE. We had three feet of snow fall today. Which we needed, but now that night has fallen, it's pouring rain on top of the snow. Go figure. At least we're not flooding like the rest of the Western US, I guess.

Regardless I haven't seen the sun all day and very little over the course of the week. And we're going stir-crazy at our house (Snow Days all week). So I thought I could use a little sunshine in my life tonight, even if it's only the virtual kind. And then I thought I might as well pass it along!

So anyone, EVERYONE, please feel free to cut and paste this little ray of sunshine to your blog and then post 5-10 quirky/funny things about you that might bring a smile to someone today.

Here are mine (feel to free to laugh at me):

1. I like to stir milk into my ice cream. I eat it almost exclusively this way. Also, when I consume a baked good--say a cookie--I have to have milk with it and there has to be the appropriate proportion of cookie to milk in my mouth for every bite. Chocolate cake with milk poured on top is especially heaven's great elixir.

2. I own every U2 and Beatles album released. And some that weren't.

3. I have a hard time throwing leftovers out, though I don't like to eat them. They'll sit and rot in the fridge until they can walk out on their own. It's not like I lived through the Great Depression, so what is my problem?

4. I'm a morning person: I love being up before the sun (4 am, 5 am--whatever it takes) but after 9 pm, I act so weird people think I'm hopped up on something illegal.

5. I don't like musicals. There, I said it. I'm just not sophisticated enough (I guess) to like contemporary musicals. I like some of the old stuff, but Fiddler on the Roof is the only one that comes to mind. People were just not meant to burst into song about mundane things.

6. *Warning: this one's really gross.* I can't just use a facial tissue and throw it away. No--I have to stuff it in my pocket, the cushion of the couch, anywhere. As if I'm "saving it for later" and another use. It's a very gross habit and it drives Steve crazy. Rightful so.

7. I have a nervous laugh and I use it often. I hate it. If you've seen That 70s Show then you know how that mom, Kitty, laughs nervously to cover for the rude things her husband does? Well, that's me. And yes, I'm do use it to cover for the things my husband does among my own verbal blunders.

8. I'm a picker. I admit it. I can't stand it if my kids have a sunburned scalp, ear wax sticking out their ears, or a very dry scab. They've gotta go. Now.

9. I didn't think about my husband as anything but a friend until my roommate said he reminded her of Mr. Darcy. Hmm... I think I'll start calling him that too: The Real Mr. Darcy.

10. I hate talking on the phone. I avoid even phone calls I have to make until the last possible moment. (Yep. That doesn't work too well when making doctor appointments.)

Now it's your turn. PLEASE participate and scatter along the smiles and sunshine. After you do, please leave me a comment with a link to your post so I can enjoy the fun some more.


  1. I love everything you said :) Your cake with milk poured on it sounds super wierd but now I'm really tempted to try it! I did one too, but not on my blog... Facebook Notes all the way:
    Check it out!!

  2. You # 1 and 3 had me rolling on the floor!

  3. Ah, nice to meet you. I too, am a picker. I hate it, but I just can't stop. I bite my nails too, and I think that's totally related to the picking habit.

    And 3 feet of snow? Where are you? My condolences.

  4. This is great! #1 cracks me up. As for #4, that is a dream of mine. I am so NOT a morning person. I dream of becoming one, but I know it's only a dream. LOL!

    Thanks for visiting Book Dreaming. I'll pass along your little ray of sunshine sometime next week - I'll let you know when I do. :-)

  5. Steph: Thanks for doing it! Share the smiles!

    Holly: I'm so glad. That was the point!

    Elana: Nice to meet another picker! I don't chew my nails because I'm a germophobe too--I gross out just thinking about the germs under nails. But there's always room for one more nervous habit! Ha, ha. I live in Arizona.

    Shannon: You are very welcome. You have an awesome blog! And thanks for participating. No hurries. :)

  6. Your weather is CRAZY! Were the roads horrible? Were they even drivable?

    Thanks for the spot o' sunshine! Can't wait to post it on my blog.

  7. Suzette: The roads were completely snowed under, all businesses closed, and several even collapsed. That was some wet snow.

    We're only able to get out of our house today... 5 days later. Church is even canceled today. Good times!