Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Somber Reminders

As I awoke this morning and kissed my healthy kids good morning, took a long, warm shower, and chose from the many clothes I own, I did so with somber humility. Tragedy can strike at any time, in many ways, and today my heart goes out to the families in Haiti. With a country so poor anyway, I shudder to think what the emergency response situation is like. It makes me all the more committed to a) support humanitarian efforts and encourage others as well to support their favorite charities that aid poor countries and b) prepare my own family for potential disasters. We all have one or more natural disaster that could possibly threaten our homes and lives. In Flagstaf it is forest fire. Be prepared. Have food on hand, have a bag packed ready to leave, and know first aid. Be grateful for what you have. These are the things I need to remember.

And most of all, let us all pray for those who are suffering right now.


  1. Prayers and thoughts with the earthquake victims.

  2. This morning, I just found that the Boston area has the third highest Haitian population. I began thinking of my former Haitian students, hoping their families were safe.

    At the school I subbed at, there were no Haitians in the classroom, but the principal made an announcement to keep our thoughts with the people of Haiti, and to think about the students in our district. It generated a discussion in the class, which I thought was wonderful.