Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This and That

Wow! I've started quite a few posts the last couple of days and none of them got finished. Sorry. (Well, you probably don't care, but I do.) I suppose that it was bound to happen since the kids have had snow days all week, I've been finishing up revisions, and I'm still not up for much with the surgery A STINKIN' MONTH AGO! Yep, I still can only stand for so long. But hey, I've got my revisions done, I have amassed a lot of research for my WIP, and my husband has taken over most of the household tasks. (Yay for Steve!)

Anyway, I've sent in requested revisions to an agent and I'm nervous. I've done this before and it turned to not so I guess I'm prepared for the worst. I just have to realize it's out of my hands and move on now. WHICH, I might add, I am not too sad about because my WIP is rapidly becoming an obsession. Post-WWII Germany--very interesting time.

I'm signing up for the 2010 Debut Author Challenge. You should too! They need support getting their books out there and someday, hopefully, I'll be in their shoes and will need support too.

And in great, grand exciting news, I'm going to have another contest in February. Yep, that's right--I'm calling it my Feel the Love contest. So stay turned for February 1st. The prizes will likely be one reader's basket of goodies and one writer's basket of goodies. I'll let the winners choose what they want. Each basket will have a favorite book, a few little goodies, and the only book I have published yet: a poorly-written field guide to the mammals of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. You can use it for toilet paper. Whatever. I'll even sign it. The book, that is, not your toilet paper.

And I'm thinking of going to either the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference in Utah or the LA SCBWI. Are any of you going to either? I would love to meet real, live writers. I mean, sheesh, we're only in the millions.

That's all I got!


  1. Woah! The snow at your house looks awesome! I think it's great that you've been posting so much recently. I love reading your blogs. And yay for Steve doing all the household stuff! Jon's really awesome like that too :) Those Alston boys...

  2. Good luck with the agent revisions. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Can't wait for your contest! Sounds fun.

  3. Wow! Look at you go...for an invalid, you're sure accomplishing a lot! LOL! Good luck with all the revisions and new stuff. 2010's the year right??

    Ooooh...and here's a big WOOHOO for Steve too. Yay for husbands who takeover housework (although, I think Kenny's dying to get back to work so he doesn't have to do quite so much of my housework!)

  4. Steph: Jon should, you are the bread winner! Ha, ha.

    Holly: Steve the Great. Yeah, that's what I call him when he's not listening. (His head is big enough. Ha, ha.)

    Angie: Thanks! And the contest, should be a good load of stuff to win.

    Cassie: It's all a front--I get nothing done all day (or at least I feel I don't). Have you heard from any jobs? Steve's been meaning to call Kenny and see what W.L. said.

  5. Fingers crossed on the revision you sent off to an agent!

    And we're going to try to go to LA SCBWI this year. We've never been to a conference and we're DYING to go.

  6. Love the snow pictures!

    I went to SCBWI-LA last year and had a blast meeting a bunch of my blogger friends.

  7. im going to LA - it was awesome last year!

  8. Thinking of going to LA SCBWI since I live so close. There usually seems to be some kind of conflict for me that weekend, but I'm hopeful it will not be that way this year.

  9. Lisa and Laura: Thanks for your well wishes and for stopping by. I wanted to go last year, but had a baby the last day of the conference instead. Planned that well, didn't I?!

    Sherrie: Putting a face to a blog is priceless, I'm sure. Maybe this year is my year! Maybe we can meet up!

    Shelli: I think I remember seeing your post last year about going. It sounded awesome. If I wasn't having a baby last year on the 10th, I would have been in Europe with my husband for our anniversary. So last year it wasn't in the cards. But this year it is! Save me a seat!

    Shelley: You definitely should go if you live so close! We could talk shop and gain a notebook's worth of great advice. And I know what you mean about things coming up. They always come up.

  10. Dude, I'm going to the one in Utah. I live in Utah...where are you?

    And good luck with the revisions you sent to the agent! Fingers crossed.

  11. Congrats on getting your revisions done!

    I went to the workshop at BYU in 2005, and it helped a lot. I'd love to go to the one in LA this year, but we'll see.

  12. I'm happy you got the revisions done. Good luck! Keep the faith!

    I hope you're better soon, Jackee.

  13. Elana: I'm in Northern Arizona now but I used to live in PrOH!vo. Where are you in Utah? And thanks for your well wishes.

    Myrna: 2005? That means you are definitely entitled to go to another one this year. :) LA is looking better and better to me too. And thanks for your kind words.

    Theresa: Thanks! You are so nice. I get better and better every day and I should be cleared to exercise in a couple of weeks. That will help!

  14. Good luck with your revision submission, Jackee. I have an agent who just requested some, but I'm just a little too caught up in my WIP right now as well to know what I want to do with that.

    Also, I would LOVE to be at BYU's workshop in June, but we'll have to see. I already know of one writer planning to attend that one (her name is Liesl). Here's her blog address, if you're interested (or maybe you already "know" her):