Monday, February 1, 2010

Feel the LOVE

Hey! It's a new month! And not just any month, it's February!

Around here February is significant. A lot of love happens for many people this month. But for me, memories--bittersweet memories--make me always grateful when this time of year rolls around.

Here are a few things:
  • Valentine's Day. (Yeah, yeah... I'm a card and candy company patsy.)
  • My son's birthday; he'll be 3 on the 14th. (He was Flagstaff's 2007 Valentine baby and almost didn't make it, what with a breathing and intestinal infection... all scary stuff, making the memory bittersweet.)
  • My husband and I first started dating eleven years ago. Again, bittersweet. (Ha, ha. Just kidding, Steve.)
  • And my mother's birthday. This time last year she had her final chemo treatment and was declared cancer free. That was a beautiful birthday to celebrate, as will each one to come.

And now to continue on the MONTH OF LOVE...


I've made TWO baskets, one includes all kinds of writing goodies--notebooks, books on writing, pens, pretty little knick-knacks, and candy. The other is a reader's basket, with bookmarks, cards, sweets, booklight, and of course books! I'm sure I will end up slipping in a gift card or two as well. I have a serious illness called over-doing things.

I'm eager to give them away. So here are the two things you have to do: (1) post a comment telling me what month (besides December) is loaded with memories for you and (2) be a follower. I know, I know, making you follow is selfish of me, but I love outing lurkers so that I can make new friends. Truly, I want to know who you are. And then I want you to feel the blogger community love. By way of a chance to win a prize.

Oh, and post which basket you would prefer... Uhhhh... so I guess that makes three things to do. Sorry. Three things, then. There it is. Just do it by 8 am MST Valentine's Day. I'll post the winners by 5 pm MST that night.

So are you feelin' it? Does a basket call you out? Are you ready to share the love?!


  1. Wow - the month of February is a big one for you! That must've been a scary time with your son - I'm glad he pulled through. I hope your mother continues to do well.

    I was going to comment before I knew there was a possible giveaway involved! Both baskets sound great.

    My favorite month is July. I love having the whole month off to spend with my kids without the next school year looming too closely. I began dating my husband on 07/26/89, so this past year was our 20-year anniversary. I have many relatives and friends who are born that month. I had a miscarriage in July, and a year later, my daughter was born.

  2. Too hard to choose! Both baskets sound so lovely. Can I just say that either one would be fine?

    A month full of good memories or bad ones? I won't go into my February memories... Let's stick with JULY!!

    Both my daughters were born that month (three years apart) and I love all the firework celebrations. I remember being in labor as I watched them one night. Our family usually makes a trek to Wyoming where the fireworks are BIG! We buy new pajamas for the kids, wrap up tight to avoid the mosquitoes, and watch the town celebrate.

    Thanks for having this contest!

  3. For me, the biggest memories are found in the month of March. Both my kids were born that month, so it was always a time of celebrating with lots of friends and family.

    As for which basket? They both sound so beautiful! I don't think I could choose.

    Thanks for the great contest!!

  4. The busiest month around here is November.

    In addition to Thanksgiving, my husband, son and daughter all have November birthdays. My husband's brother is also a November baby and it's also the time of year we used to go on vacation (better Hawaiian deals than in the summer -- talk about good memories!). But with Christmas the following month, we're pretty much broke October through January!

    I'm already a follower and if I win, I think I'll go for the reader basket :)

  5. What a great February you must have. My month I think is August; I tend to have a lot of friends and family coming to visit.

    Both baskets sound good, but I'll go with writer.

  6. May is a loaded month for me. My mom died the night before Mother's Day in 2000, and my youngest was born on the 17th.

    I thought I was already following you, but I wasn't. So, there, now I am.

    And I would love the writer's basket. Thanks for the fun contest and for commenting on my blog!

  7. happy ALMOST heart day.. it is the month for it anyway..

    cheers :)

  8. Oh, we'd love that book basket! We're always up for more books and I desperately need a new book light.

    I'll have to go with May as my favorite month. Both kiddies were born in May, so it's always a fun time of the year.

    Happy February! So glad that you've got so much to celebrate!

  9. June is my biggest month. Two babies only a couple of hours apart (two years and a couple of hours) - the first time I said those three words to my sweetie back when we were dating - and the month my novel went out on submission this past year. Plus, the sky is blue and the flowers are in bloom. What could be better?

    Thanks for running a fun give away :D

  10. Dang! You guys make me think about all the things I love about those months too. The month I'm in is always the one I love... but I'll go with it.

    Thanks for joining in, ladies!

  11. It's gotta be July...holidays, birthdays, anniversary (which brings about the memory of passing out on our honeymoon and freaking Kenny out...ah, memories!), sunshine, HOT weather!, swimming pools, vacations...too much stuff to squish into a little comment. July! Definitely, July!

    Both baskets sound great (look at you go!)...although, I'd probably have to stick with the reader basket, cause you've seen my blog writing, and I'm not sure anyone could stand reading an entire book of that :) LOL!

    Ooh...and I'm a follower already...I think! I'll check but I'm pretty sure I stalk your blog :)

    Hope you guys are doing well...haven't talked to you since before Christmas. Happy Birthday to your little man!

  12. yay i am a follower! my fav month is January - my first child was born n jan and i love starting a new year.

    either basket is nice :)

  13. Hopefully I'm not automatically disqualified for sharing your last name, but I'll understand if that's the case :)

    November is the month that has the best memories for me. It's not only the month Jon and I were married in back in 2005 but it's also the start of the holidays. Thanksgiving really started to mean a lot to Jon and me when we lived in Utah. Our first Thanksgiving there was all by ourselves and it made us realize how much we appreciate it for the loud, family togetherness, big feast that it is.

    It's become the month that we've had the best vacations in. I took Jon to Disneyland for the first time he can remember in November. We went to San Francisco this year in November. Fall is also my favorite season and November is where everything is finally in full swing bringing in Winter. I don't have any kids yet, but maybe they'll be born in November too!

    Anyways, I think the reading basket sounds the best :)

  14. Dude, February is one of my least-favorite months! But I'm glad it's good for you!

    My best month (besides December - and it's because my birthday and my daughter's are in Dec) is November. I got engaged in November. Signed with an agent in November. And a couple of other things that make November the month to be alive.

  15. Well, you stole my thunder by taking December out of the equation!
    If I can't have it,.. then give me May... things are starting to warm up, plants are growing and the start of summer/end of school year is always something to look forward to. I guess I have to count the fact that I got married that month as part of the perks, too!
    And you can't beat May Day... the one day of the year where 'Pole Dancing' is not frowned upon! :D

    Thanks for doing such a cool giveaway! Your generosity is as amazing as your ability to OVERDO things! :)

  16. Ooohhhh - I love gift baskets! Count me in and if I win I'd love either! Both sound fantastic!

    Hmmm....favorite month...I would have to say January. I love winter and my son (only one so far) was born in January. He was past due so when the DR finally admitted me I was thrilled to finally have him out of the oven...two weeks overdue.

    Just found your site today and am now a follower...I too love the bloggy friends and finding a new one is terrific! Love your Shakespeare quote at the top by the way!

  17. Well let me see. I would have to say June is my favorite month. I love when the summer is finally here and we get to play all day. It probably helps that Mitch is home all day too.

    I think that I am more of a reader than a writer, but both baskets sound so cool.

    Thanks Jackee, you are the best.

  18. What a fun contest! Valentines Day is my anniversary, but I think I'll have to go with September. My husband and I celebrate birthdays four days apart in September and in 2004, our only daughter was born the day before her dad's birthday. We consider her our birthday present baby.

    I think I'd prefer the writer's basket. Thanks for running such a fun contest.

  19. How did I miss this?! I'm a follower and I'd love to have the first basket.

    February is probably my favorite month. Two of my three kiddos were born in February! :-)

  20. I'm glad you all are finding this contest. I believe I'll end up just retro-fitting each basket to its winner. So if I don't know you too well, I might be asking some questions on what you like to read, what you have read, and have not!

    Yay for spreadin' love!

  21. I'd Have to Say the month of September is one of my favorites as that is the month I married my husband. And of Course October (when amber was born), March (when Kaitlyn was born) and yes December (when megan was born) aal those dates are my favorite months as i have lots of fond memories during all four. And either basket would be great, i would be lucky just to receive one.

  22. I'm going to go with September. I got married in Septemeber. I saw the ocean for the first time in September. Every year I set aside a whole week in September to spend with my grandpa at the local fair. It brings him so much joy and I've been going with him since I was a little girl.

    Unfortunately, it has one bad memory has well. It's the month I lose my grandmother from cancer and that was two weeks before my wedding.

    If I were to win, I would choose the writers' basket. :)

  23. Both baskets sound really good, I'd probably opt for the writing one, though.

    Monthwise, I'd probably go with April. I got married and gave birth to my oldest child in April, so that was the month I became a wife and, four years later, a mother - happy memories!

    Thanks for running the great contest - very fun!

  24. Jody: Hey, neighbor! Welcome! To finish entering, please add yourself as a follower on the lower left side of the main page where it says "follow". Thanks for stopping by.

    Jessica and Susan: Nice to see you! I love those months too--my husband's bday is Sept and mine is April.

  25. I'm following and I'd love the reader's basket the most but both sound AWESOME!!

    but let's month? Maybe October because that's when my mom had her kidney transplant. I also really love the weather and Halloween.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  26. I kind of hate February and least they have the decency to be six months apart! I think my favorite month is March. St. Patrick's Day for an Irish Dancing family is just made of fun.

    (But my favorite season is Fall...September, October and November beat out March, April and May (because May is yucky.)


  27. Thanks for the contest-- those baskets look so nice! I'm now a follower, and I entered on the other page, where you were talking about being judgmental, etc. I talked about how my significant month is April, but I neglected to mention which gift basket I'd like. The "Reader's" version sounds great!

    Congrats on your little one turning 3 soon. They're so cute at that age. Mine is 4, soon to be 5, in APRIL!

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic
    CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

  28. I have been thinking about this since you put it up, but I have been having trouble deciding. Jackee, I loved you comment saying whatever month you are in is the one you love. I would have to agree. BUT if you are going to make me pick a month, I would say July - my birthday, 4th of July and 24th of July (in Utah)with all the parades, and summer vacations.