Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Great Baskets of 2010 Claimed!

We have our basket winners! By selection, the Fates have spoken and...

Shelley, our resident Storyqueen and author of several childrens' books has won basket #1


Mari, MY very own resident go-to gal and the person best suited to raise every child in the world has won #2!

Congratulations, ladies. I'll be adding books to your baskets that I think most fit your interests. Shelley please email me your snail mail address at jackee(dot)alston(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll be dropping yours off, Mari, since you're only half an hour away. LOL!

Here's to giving love and loving to give!

(And if you missed this giveaway, there are more going on by my blog friends. Check out Elana's blog, Shannon's blog, Anissa's blog, and Shelli's blog! Did I miss any others? Tell me below, please.)


  1. Congratulations to the winners! And thanks for running such a fun contest, Jackee.

  2. Welcome, Susan! I'll have one again soon.

    Holly, thanks!

  3. For reals??? I never win anything. This was such a fun contest - it made me think. Thanks!!!!

  4. Woohoo!! Thank you , Jackee! I'll email my address today.

    *so excited*


  5. Big smile for the winners and thanks for the contest!

  6. Mari: For reals! And you're welcome, of course.

    Shelley: UR very welcome!

    Tricia: UR welcome and a big smile here too.

    Kristen: Woohoo is right. (And I love your picture, BTW. Makes me excited for warm weather to hit!)

  7. poop how did i miss this contest :( Glad you feel better!

  8. Well, Shelli, I'm certainly not going to miss yours. Good grief the prizes look amazing! (And don't worry, I'll have another one soon enough.)

  9. Thanks for the contest, Jackee. Congrats to the winners! And hurray for Shelley having even more stuff on her desk! ;)

  10. Myrna: I promise to clutter it up well! :)