Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sense of Community

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Now on to other news...
I mentioned last week about how our used bookstore had their roof collapse during THE BIG storm, but what I didn't tell you is how cool this store really is.
This company cares about literacy, they care about books. And most of all they care about our community and the environment. Everyday two lucky customers go up to the register to pay and find out their books are totally comped. I've been the lucky recipient once. And every time a child buys a book, they get 10% off. They also do all sorts of community events, bring in music and authors for fun in the cafe and more things than I probably know about.
Above is a picture of the entryway, the photographer is standing in the front doorway. There on the left is the rare books case. (It breaks my heart to see it covered in a blanket of wet snow!)
Yes, they have a mess to clean up.
But guess what?! They are paying their employees still! They're paying them to go and volunteer around the community while the owners work on getting the store repaired. (For the full article, read on HERE.)
That's what I call a wonderful company. And I miss them terribly. I love their sense of community, something we value here in our small town.
Lately I've learned to value the literary blogging community too. I've been a lurker--a spectator--far too long. Since 2005. Now that I've gotten to know many of you, I am so, so grateful. My husband laughs at me all the time and my "virtual" friends. (Especially ones I've known a couple of years and have never met in person.) But I don't care. You ARE my friends. And THANK YOU, for letting me call you my friends. Here's to many more years of friendships in this solitary life of writing!


  1. OMG! The photo tells it all. The poor owners.

  2. There are few independent bookstores left, so to see one in that kind of shape is heartbreaking. I hope they're repaired and selling again soon. That's wonderful that they're paying their employees, but I wonder how long they can afford to do that.

  3. Oh, no! They sound terrific, so I really hope they survive this crisis. I have really enjoyed getting to know the online community, too.

  4. This is the saddest, sweetest post. How sad for the book store. The pictures are shocking. And how sweet you are! I hope you count me among your online friends.

  5. That sounds like a wonderful bookstore run by wonderful people. I love that kids get a discount, what an awesome way to encourage literacy at a young age! And thanks for stopping by my blog - I loved exploring yours!

  6. WOW!! What wonderful business owners! Hopefully their good deeds will ensure them blessings needed to get the store up and running again soon!

  7. Holly: Sad, isn't it?

    Theresa: They've paid them for the last couple weeks and I've heard they plan on moving to a temporary building until this one is repaired. I hope that means no one loses a job and instead all get to move over to the new store!

    Angie: I think they will. They have two other stores down in Phoenix so perhaps that will help with stock, funds, etc. This is only one of two bookstores we have in town so I might just shrivel up and die if they don't survive! :) It has been especially good getting to know the children's book community, eh?

    Suzette: Of course I count you (and Bethany) as my new, cool friends! You are amazing. Truly. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. LOL!

    Susan: Thank you! I would have left a comment, but I was feeding a baby and my hands were tied when I stopped by. Will return many times!

    Brooke: You know how much I love that store, so I hope you are right!

    Avy: Agreed! Especially if eventually you get to meet the said virtual friends in real life!

  8. The owners of that bookstore are an inspiration. For some reason the literary community seems to have a disproportionate amount of amazing people. I guess good books attract good people.

  9. What a mess! I hope everything works out for them soon.

    And I know what you mean about lurking and online friends. I read blogs for years before I started my own.

  10. LiLa: I love that they give back. The company that my husband works for does too, but only in the science for kids realm. We have a pretty cool community.

    Myrna: I've been doing a family blog for awhile now, but am just now getting the courage to put myself out there into the writing community. I'm glad you did too!

  11. Hey Jackee! Thanks so much for the follow. I so look forward to getting to know you.

    So cool that the bookstore owners are STILL paying their employees while they help around the community.

    I feel the same way about my friends in the cyber world. I have come to depend on them so much. And they have never let me down. (^_^)

  12. Robyn: You're welcome. Your blog seems so awesome, I just had to join up. And thanks to you for stopping by.

  13. What a great bookstore. I love this story.

    And my husband laughs at me all the time too. He says, "Don't call them your friends. You haven't even met them!" LOL!

  14. Wow, now that really is an amazing company! We have a book store here in Fair Oaks that we love but I don't think they're quite that awesome. It really is a sad picture. I hope they can get everything back up and running soon!!

  15. How sad to see that photo, but the owners sound like the type of generous people who will have the shop open and running in no time. Kudos to them!

  16. Elana: Don't they know that the virtual kinds are sometimes the only ones that can get along with us? I mean, they should know first hand! LOL

    Steph: Yes, I hope it's soon too. I was there just before it happened and it break my heart.

    Joanne: They are great. And thanks for stopping by!

  17. What a touching post! It's SO NICE to know that stores and companies like this exist and what a cool idea comping random customers books each and every day! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story.

    By the way - totally echo all of your blogging sentiments! I have met so many cool people online that I consider friends and I'm enjoying sharing in the lives of others! I have gotten more out of my blog than I ever thought I would!

  18. What a sad photo! I'm so impressed that they're still paying their employees. I hope they're still around next time I'm in Flag -- I'll be sure to stop in and buy some books!

  19. Kristi: I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets happiness out of bloggy friends. And you're blog is awesome, btw.

    Sherrie: Next time your in Flag tell ME and I'll meet you there.

  20. Will the store re-open? I hope so. And I totally hear you on virtual friends! I've made so many great friendships online especially through the literary community.

  21. Oh how I love that place! This picture made me weep... seriously weep. I feel so lost, that is our favorite date place, the place I go and lose myself between errands... ***SIGH***