Monday, March 1, 2010

Awards for a Monday Morning

Thanks to my beautiful blogging BFFs, I have some awards to collect! Thanks to Shannon, the Book Dreamer, and Susan, the Coffee Fiend, for the From Me to You Award and the Creative Writer Award (respectively). Both awards come with strings attached but hey! Of course that’s fine because it just means I have an excuse to rattle on about myself. So here goes:

Me to You: 7 things about me

1. I never liked chocolate until I was pregnant with my second child. Since then I crave it daily.
Which brings me to #2…
2. My favorite chocolate treat is a nightcap of Ovaltine. (I know! What am I, like five years old?! But it’s what I like…)
But lest you think I hang out with only small children all day…
3. I CAN have a mature palate occasionally. These chocolates are my favorite. Try them if you ever get a chance! Your tongue will thank you.
And tongues I can handle, but not…
4. Feet. I hate feet. I hate for people to touch mine, to touch others, and most especially to have feet touch EACH OTHER! *gag* It makes being married to me interesting.
Speaking of married…
5. The Real Mr. Darcy (a.k.a. my husband, Steve) wanted me to put on here that I laugh like Kitty on That 70s Show when I’m nervous. But he fails to mention that I only laugh like that when I’m covering for his social bluntness (a.k.a. asocial RUDENESS), which invariably puts me in awkward positions.
That brings me to #6:
6. I’m really not much of a social person myself but I love animals, manifested by my education, career path, and my repertoire of pets (10 chickens, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, and a lizard).
It also explains why…
7. I live on three acres, have few neighbors, and have never lived in a city with a population larger than 75,000 people.


Kristi, the Glorious Foodie

Kristi, the newly published

Bekah, my crit buddy who Writes out of the Ordinary

MG Higgins, former Flagstaff resident and eclectist like me

Please post this award on your blogs and write 7 things about yourself.

Then there's the CREATIVE WRITER AWARD: Where I post 7 lies and a truth (only I cheated and posted 7 truths and a lie).

1. I have a serious fear of pressure cookers and public bathrooms and have reoccurring nightmares about both.
2. I love to play Chess and beat my husband at Simpson’s chess every time we play. (Well, almost every time.)
3. I would love to have a Little Person (e.g. a midget) be my BFF so that we could laugh and sing all day. Their voices are sweet and I have yet to meet one that is not sheer, awesome fun.
4. I once shot a Golden Eagle with a .22 rifle.
5. I've held newborn baby black bears and love how angelic they are when you tuck them into your warm coat.
6. Once I accidentally dropped a backpack 120 feet off a cliff into a raging river and had to race down the trail for a good 1/2 mile to catch it.
7. I read War and Peace for the first time when I was 14 and from then on developed a lifetime love for classic literature.
8. I moved eleven times before I was ten years old.

I WANT TO PASS THIS ONE ON TO: (Please post 7 lies and a truth to your blog along with the award. Or cheat like I did and post 7 truths and a lie.)

Anissa, who speaks Off the Record

Amie B., who loves chocolate as much as I do

Abby Annis, mother of three like me

Angie, who supermoms it up in her Writing Chair

(Yeah, I pretty much cheated and posted all "A" names.)

Happy Monday to all!


  1. Congrats on your Awards, it's always nice to be recognized like that! Hm, I'd say your one truth is #6, that you dropped the backpack, it seems the most possible?

  2. I love award days!!!! YAY!

    Thanks for the more importantly...for your lie...this one is hard because a few of them are oh so cool that I liked these just as much as your 7 things about you.

    I'm going with #4. Did I get it right???? Huh? huh? Patience was never my strong suit...LOL!

  3. I'm not going to say which ones, but you have 2 lies in here.

  4. Congrats on the awards. I loved both lists.

  5. Congrats on the awards! I LOVE That 70's Show by the way ... do you really laugh like Kitty? She and Red are my favorites :) I think #6 is the true one? Not sure though. I stink at guessing everyone's truths and lies!

  6. I'm going with #1. Congrats on your awards!

  7. Congratulations! It was fun getting to know you better. :)

  8. Thank you for the award, Jackee! Yay Flagstaff! And I love Ovaltine. Drinking it as a nightcap is a great idea.

  9. Thanks for the award, Jackee! How did I not realize you're in Flag??? I grew up in Winslow. Just down the road. We did all our "real" shopping in Flag. Plus, my WIP takes place just north of you on the reservation near Tuba City. Small world...

  10. Congrats to you and everyone else! Happy Monday!

  11. Abby: You're very welcome and happy March too!

    Joanne: Thank you! I cheated and they're all true except #2.

    Kristi: I lack in the patience arena too. But you're right, #4 IS true. It was one of the approved ways for me to euthanize animals in my former job. (Though saying I did it is a bit of a stretch because I eventually chickened out and let my husband put the poor creature down while I held it.)

    My Dearest Husband: Sometimes truths can be stretched without them being absolute lies. But you know all about THAT don't you?! (Hee, hee.)

  12. Angie: Thanks! Don't forget to pick yours up. One of them is for you.

    Julie: LOL! I laugh nervously like Kitty but don't sound like her. (At least I hope I don't!) And #4 is the true one. I really did drop my heavy and expensive backpacking backpack down a cliff!

  13. Myrna: Thanks! And I really AM afraid of pressure cookers and bathrooms. Nightmares all the time. Quite freaky. :)

    Danyelle: Thank you! You are always so kind.

    Melissa: You are very welcome! I guess I should be glad Ovaltine is at least good for me since I drink it so much.

    Anissa: Seriously?! Winslow is only 40 minutes from my house. I KNEW I liked you! LOL! And since I grew up in Durango, CO, I know all about Tuba--I've been passing through there all my life. Now I'm so curious about your WIP...

    Kristen: Thanks! Happy Monday and happy March Day!

  14. Congrats on the awards :)

    I'm guessing the lie is shooting the eagle.

  15. Hey! Ovaltine is great. I never really learned to appreciate it until I got older. I mean, I drank it sometimes when I was a kid, but it tasted like it had a lot of vitamins in it and that it might be good for you.

  16. Congrats on your awards! I'm going to say that #4 is your lie. I'll be checking back to see if I'm right - how fun!

  17. Ooops. Silly me. I read your truth and lies and forgot to look at who the award went to. Thanks!

  18. Congrats on the awards! And I'm totally saying the baby bear one is the truth. ;)

  19. I just read your comment on my blog, and I think you had it right all along. Shannon gave us both the From Me to You award, and then I gave you the Creative Writer award, just like you said. And you're certainly not a dork!

  20. I also hate feet and everything to do with feet. It's really hard to explain to people though. Especially ex-husbands. I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there!

  21. Jemi: Thanks! And I have shot an eagle (to euthanize it in my past job). Only I chickened out at the last and held it so my husband would do it for me. But I say I did because he shouldn't have had to do my dirty job. :)

    Arlee: Thank you for making me feel justified in my Ovaltine addiction. If nothing else, it doesn't have HFCS like Nesquick does! :) And thanks for stopping by.

    Susan: Close! But it's #2. And I'm glad I have you here to keep me in my right mind. Else I would have thought all this time I messed up which award you gave me!

    Angie: No biggie. I'm glad you found it!

    Laura: The baby bear IS a truth! :) And of course that's the best one out of the list.

  22. Notquiteawake: Thank you! I'm glad someone understands this. Oddly my best friend in high school had the same problem. Needless to say we didn't go and get pedis for fun!

  23. Wow, great awards! I would love to live in the country, but enjoy having a Wal-mart so closeby.

    And I can't even begin to take a stab at your lies/truth. Um, maybe 5?

  24. Congrats on the awards. To you and all you chose.

    Hmmm, I love guessing. Umm, #4 is the lie, because you my friend are an animal lover. Right? ;)

  25. #2 and #4 are total lies. We played chess once and I beat you. You were such a sore loser that you swore you would never play again. And I was the one who shot the eagle.

  26. Living on three quiet acres sounds heavenly!

  27. I love "That 70's Show". it's a guilty pleasure. and now Kitty's laugh is running through my head.


    see? can you hear it?

  28. Ooh, chocolate and chess? What a combination. There should be a chess game made out of chocolate so you can eat it when you're done playing!!

  29. Elana: Yep. Walmart is a ways away. Of course, when I lived in your part of the country it took me just as long to get to it as it does now, but back then because of traffic. ha, ha. And good guess, but #2 is the lie. :)

    Robyn: Number 4 is a half-truth. I needed to euthanize the poor thing in my old job. Number 2 is the full lie. Ha, ha.

    Steve: If I could cyber-stick my tongue out at you I so would right now. Besides, I'd rather be a sore loser than a cocky winner. :)

    Daisy: If I could, I would live on even more. Sounds like you would too! A good neighbor is a DISTANT neighbot. Ha, ha.

    Tess: It's one of my guilties too! I was so sad the day they canceled it... Steven Hyde and Red were my favorites. (Though Kitty was a close third.) And my husband and I always laughed because it was a Steve and a Jackee like us. :)

    Elizabeth: I think I would be tempted to eat the pieces just to win... and have chocolate too, of course! Ha, ha!