Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giveaways, Agenty Blogs, and Award/Tags

Thanks to all those who had such flattering things to say about my offspring. I think they are pretty special, so I'll not argue with any of you. (And just to clarify, I don't think I clean my house much. In fact, the motto above my entertainment center says, "A clean house is the sign of a wasted life". Though I DO wish that I could use my computer to clean, like my daughter said. Ha, ha!)

As to the WIP word counts, I wish I were going faster, but... sick kids. I'll work through it, like we all do. In the meantime, there are a few things I wish to pass on:


Elana, Bethany, and Suzette have a great follower contest going on. Books and a fabulous 40-page critique by Agent Suzie Townsend are to be had. Don't miss out. Sherrie at Write About Now has a book giveaway going on, stop by especially if you are a fan of Maggie Stiefvater (author of Shiver). Also watch for upcoming contests on Lisa and Laura's place and Shelley's. Am I missing some? I'm sure I did. Please leave a comment of other ones you know.

2. Agent(y) Blogs.

There are a few new blogging agents in town you should be aware of:

Marisa Corvisiero is an author, an attorney, and now an agent as well. Check out
Thoughts from a Literary Agent.

Kathleen Ortiz, an agent at Lowenstein Associates, has a beautiful need for a Never Ending Page Turner. Go, follow!

Ms. Book Sniper is a literary assistant who has her own personal assistant well-equipped to chomp down on bad queries. Go and follow her--she has great wit and wonderful taste in books. Chom does not. He'll eat anything.

Judith, a FinePrint Literary Intern, has an awesome new blog called I Eat Books Like You For Breakfast. (Great title, huh?!)

And just in case you haven't heard yet, Mark McVeigh has a shiny new blog too.


Thanks to Jamie (who is Notquiteawake) and her sarcastically funny blog, Reality Faker, for giving me the Master award:

I'm to post SIX things I'm a master of :

1. I'm the master of learning. I love learning new things, I love expanding my horizons. I'd call myself a Renaissance gal, but I don't think I deserve that title so I'll call myself a Jackee of All Trades and a Master of None!

2. I'm master of making seriously adorable children. Proof in last post. However, I willingly admit that I am so, so, so done making those babies. (They take too long to cook.)

3. I'm a master of avoiding phone calls. My close friends and neighbors can attest to that. I rarely have phones turned on to get calls anyway. That makes it hard on the school nurse especially! And all those agents and editors constantly trying to get a hold of me... ha, ha.

4. I'm a master of starting craft projects and never finishing them. I have a whole closet (and then some) full of them.

5. I'm a master of weakened will power. It explains why I have never dieted and why I haven't lost my last 25 lbs of baby weight.

6. I'm a master of making friends. Keeping them might be another story....

I nominate the following six people for the award:

Brooke, my loving little sister

Bethany and Suzette, because I'm pretty sure it's the only award they don't have.

Bethany, my sister-in-law (I'd give it to my other sister-in-law Bethany too, but she's on a church mission right now. :))

Cindy R. Wilson (When she gets back from her blogging hiatus.)

Crystal Roget @ Crystal's Bookmark for being one of my first followers.

Danyelle @ Myth-takes because she is made of awesome stuff.


Julie Dao tagged me in a meme. (If you haven't, follow her at the Silver Lining because not only is she a beautiful writer, but her blog is beautiful both to the eye and ear. Often I visit just to have her background music playing.) Here goes my answers:

I like each season as it comes.
I like seeing my husband in a shirt and tie when he has an apron over top. (Because it means I'm going to get a great Sunday dinner I don't have to cook.)
I like walking in the morning sun.
I like watching animals and analyzing why they express the behaviors they do.
I like to crack open a fresh notebook and think of possibilities.
I like to lie on the trampoline and either stargaze or watch the clouds go by.
I like to garden.
I like to plan things (following through is another story).
I like French food. In theory.
I like shopping if I have money, despise it if not.
I like backpacking, Tai chi chuan, and "light" yoga.
I like traveling to see new places and revisit old ones.

I love the sounds of my children's laughter.

I hate when people touch my back.
I hate being judged unfairly.
I hate when people tell me things in nature aren't important. Intrinsic intergrity here, people!
I hate that both stay-at-home moms and working moms are censured.
I hate an unmade bed.
I hate facial hair. Women or men--though granted there are a few that look good with it. Men, that is.
I hate fingernails on chalkboards.
I hate being taken advantage of.
I (secretly) like bathing over showers.
I love the song of a Swainson's Thrush.

I tag THREE new people:

B. J. Anderson

Christine Danek

Carla Gade


  1. That was fun! Congrats on the awards :)

    I love your mastery list - awesome!

  2. Congrats on the awards! It was a lot of fun to learn more about you. And thanks for the award. :) You're made of awesome yourself. :D

  3. Oh, wow! Are you sure you meant to tag me? Now I actually have to THINK about this and internalize those answers... Hmmm...
    Loved the last post. Those kids are just so fun!

  4. I'm that same way about phones. I think it's because I was a receptionist for so long. ;) Congrats on the award!

  5. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

    I love your clean house sign. :)

  6. Congrats on the awards! And thanks for the heads up on the agent blogs, I went and checked them all out. And yes, you do have seriously cute children - watching the big sister interact with the baby when she was falling on her (almost) made me miss those days! :)

  7. Jackee of All Trades, congratulations on your awards. Thank you for all of the good contest and agent info. I'm hoping that I'm off today, so I can check out these links.

    I'm really good at making beautiful kids too. When I look at them, I don't know where they came from - especially because they're blonde and blue-eyed. When they were little and I was with a blonde friend, people assumed they my friend's kids. You can see them on Facebook and be the judge.

  8. Congrats on you Awards, always a fun post! I like the idea of the Mastery List, very empowering! I'm off to check out the links ...

  9. I am so getting that clean house quote for my walls. Loved both your lists. That's awesome.

  10. Congrats on the awards and the contest and agent links...I'm off to check some of them out right now!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Thanks for the linkage. You are awesome. And great awards - congrats!

  12. OK, Yikes I hate nails on a chalk board too!! Congrats on the awards! I look forward to hanging out. =)

  13. Congrats on the award! I will post my tag soon. Thanks for thinking of me:) I will have to think hard. You have a great list.
    BTW-I try to avoid phone calls too.

  14. I just discovered your fabulous blog! Looking forward to reading more!

  15. Thanks for the links and congrats on your awards! You deserve them!