Monday, March 8, 2010

In which I exploit the cuteness...

I'm trying to catch up on my word count for March Madness and the WIP-crankin' good times going on at Denise Jaden's, Laini Taylor's and Cuppa Jolie's blogs. (If you have a work in progress you are serious about, you should join up wth me!)

In the meantime, I interviewed my kids!

These things I learned from them:

1. The best book is their newest book (the ones they bought on Saturday).

2. The baby likes to eat books. (Okay, I already knew that.)

3. The oldest memorizes titles.

4. The Boy is crazy and can't hold still.

Oh, and...

5. Apparently I clean house more than I write, whch they're not sure I do anyway. :)



  1. Too cute!!! I am excited you got the next books for Kass! I am hoping E likes the first one so we can get the others!!!
    I love how I headed straight for the door when you mentioned the bookstore- LOL!!! ;)

  2. How adorable are your kids? With those wee little voices!

    And you are awesome for writing with such small ones at home - I waited until my youngest was in Kindergarten, and now they're all in school full-time, and it's still not enough time for the writing!

  3. Ha! I wish I cleaned house more than I write. Sadly, this is not true.

  4. Your kids are SOOOOO cute :) I loved this video, thank you for sharing! I wish I were as clean about my house as you are!!

  5. Okay, Jackee! You're kids are officially yummy! And funny. And I love how the babe just goes with it. Keep cleanin' house...err, I mean, writing that book!

  6. HAHA they are hilarious. Kassidy is so smart. I love how active Audrey is! The last time I saw her she was pretty much a blob. But a good one :)

  7. Kristi: I think I'll keep them around. :)

    Angie: Thank you!

    Susan Quinn: It makes life interesting, writing with little kids. But apparently I can't make myself stop so the poor things have to deal with it. :)

    Elana: Sadly it's not true here either! That's why I laughed when she said that--it was the last thing I expected her to say.

    Julie: Thank you! And I'm really not that clean, honestly. (But apparently my daughter thinks I am!)

    Jolie: Thanks! Sometimes I try to eat the baby, she's that cute. And apparently my "clean" house isn't suffering because of WIP-it Month like I thought it was! LOL!

  8. Books ... yum! That littlest one is too cute. (well, they're all cute but you know what I mean)

  9. Your kids are beautiful. I think the baby could've used her favorite board book to chew on.

    And you felt guilty that you spent too much time on the computer- now you know you spend too much time cleaning.

  10. How ever do you clean your house on your computer? I am jealous to say the least. You kidlets are adorable!

  11. Cute! And my youngest used to eat her books.

  12. Best wishes catching up on your word-count ... little less cleaning, little more writing! Happy writing to you.

  13. Your kids are seriously adorable! Good luck with that word count :)

  14. I joined March Madness too - which reminds me, I still have a chapter to finish editing tonight! Cute kids!

  15. Hahaha! This is the most adorable thing I've seen all day.

  16. Tess: I DO know what you mean—because those other two looked just like her at that age! :)

    Theresa: Yes! I’ve been worried all along I’ve been neglecting the house for writing and apparently I’m so cool I can even use my computer to clean house. :)

    Holly: It’s called the “WriterMom—Cleaning-Up App” for notebooks. You ought to try it!

    Joanne: Thank you! I really shouldn’t clean, especially since now I know that my kids think I clean more than I really do! (Ha, ha.)

    Jemi: Thank you (on both accounts).

    Susan: Good luck with your word count!

    Laura: Thank you. I think they’re pretty swell.

    Shelley: Thank you. And here I thought I was the only one that thought they were funny and cute.

    Kristen: Thanks!

  17. This is absolutely precious!!! Thanks for sharing! This made my night!

  18. I've been gone much of today. What a treat to come home and watch your adorable kids. Exploit away!

  19. Kristi: Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one that had a good smile over them.

    Tricia: So glad they gave you a treat. They are such great kids.

    Steph: Yes, seven week olds are pretty lumpy. But very cuddly.

  20. Me again! I've tagged you over at my blog :)

  21. Oh, my, they are soooo cute. Watching them gave me a huge smile.

    My word verification is "uperfect". Now that's a nice affirmation!

  22. Your kids are so cute!

    BTW, thanks for the wonderful basket I won from your other blog. You are amazing! I really don't know how you do all that you do!

  23.'s been a long time since I've seen you guys! The kids are getting so big. Hope we'll get to see you in the person (not just video)!

    BTW, Breven read that same series of books that Kass is into, last year, and loved them. Our public library is not very big, so quite often he grabs them and rereads them :)

  24. Oh my gosh your kids are adorable! I love kids with books. I think reading to kids and encouraging kids to read is the best gift anyone can give them.
    (Sorry, I'm a bit behind with my blog reading too!)