Friday, March 5, 2010

Search and Find Friday #2

Hey! It's First Friday, that means it's time for another scavenger hunt. Here's the drill: I give you a hint about a post from one of my followers and you try and find it. The first one to get the right answer gets a copy of Gail Carson Levine's Fairest mailed to your doorstep (because #1 I love making my husband go to the UPS store for me and #2 I have a bookshelf in almost every room of the house and they're all over-flowing). Remember if you are the person, you can't guess, though you may play next time.

Here's the clue:

This follower has a remarkable talent for writing, illustrating, AND photography. Talk about the Renaissance gal! Her post today is an illustration of one gorgeous flower, in bell-shapes of green and pink.

So what do you think? Who is it?

Our next Search and Find Friday will be in two weeks, on Third Friday.


  1. Am I in need of something to do...probably, but it sounded fun, so I went searching. Your mystery follower is (drumroll please...): Southpaw!

  2. Wow! A winner on the first try. Good job, Cass! I'll have Steve mail you the book on Monday. (I of course already have your address.) Cheers!

    And in case any of you play just for the fun of it:
    Southpaw is the talented Holly Ruggerio at

    *Cyber wave to Holly!*

  3. Oh, man! That was a quick win! :-)

    Congrats, Cassie.

  4. WooHoo!...It pays to have friends who do fun contests, and an unlimited amount of time to blog surf. LOL!

    Thanks Jackee...I was in need of a new good book to read, and I always enjoy your suggestions. :)

  5. Wow! I'm impressed, Cassie - you're fast - and good! :)

  6. Cassie is a fast and efficient person. One of the most efficient I know! I hope you enjoy the book, friend. :)

    Come back and try in two weeks, everyone.

  7. What a fun contest! I'll try to catch it next time.

  8. I didn't know it but congratulations to Cassie!

  9. What a cool idea for a blog feature! We're totally stealing this one!