Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogging Advice from YOU!

Response to Monday’s post on blogging was so wonderful that I felt I need to show-off YOUR great advice.

Here’s the summary:
• Reciprocate! If someone follows you, it’s good business and friendly fun to follow their blogs in return.
• People can’t follow you back if Google doesn’t have your blog added as a link. You can add it in your Google “My Account”. Otherwise they can find you if you comment.
• It’s nice to add an email address to your Google Account too, so that when you leave a comment on someone’s blog, they can respond back with a personal note to you. (But only if you like your email inbox, eh, Holly? Ha, ha.)
• Google Reader, Blogger Dashboard, or self-made blog rolls are all great ways to keep track of when blogging friends have new posts.
• Read five new blogs a day from bloggers who don’t normally comment on your blog.
• If someone new checks out your blog, be quick about going and checking out their blog.
• Word verification can get annoying if it’s not embedded, and instead comes up in a different window after the commenter pushes “Publish”. Otherwise, word verification is a necessary evil for those of us who might have kids visiting our blogs.
• Word verification can be turned on for older posts so that they don’t get spammed. (I’ve no clue how to do this, but go ask Southpaw, she does it for her blog.)
• Give your comment section a feeling of a conversational party, a zone that welcomes discussions. I’ve no advice for this, but Lisa, Laura, and Tricia mention it and show how to do this by example on their own blogs.
• There’s only so much time for blogging, so just do what you can do!
• Write things on your blog you enjoy so it doesn't become a chore.
• Readers know when you’re being insincere, so be yourself and you’ll find your own voice and make friends in the process!
• Don't worry if people come and go, we all only have so much time.

Thanks to Wendy, Sharon, Nisa, Aubrie, Southpaw (Holly), Myrna, Tricia, Sarah Jayne, Julie, Karen G., Kelly, SB, Talli, Jayne, Shannon, Ruth, Ann, notesfromnadir, Carolyn V., Susan, Storyqueen (Shelley), Jemi, Steena, Stina, ModernDayDrifter, Michele, Lisa&Laura, Theresa, Crystal, Anne, Roxy, Danyelle, Samuel, and Dawn for weighing in!

One last question on blogging and I’ll shut up about it, I promise: What do you think of Stat Counter? Do you use it? Do you like it?

I don’t normally blog on Thursdays, but tomorrow is EARTH DAY—glorious, blessed day to celebrate our planet, so please stop by. (Or better yet, post something of your own about our Earth and leave me the link!)


  1. How nice to summarize and list these blogger tips! I enjoyed the review. And I have no idea what stat counter is so I guess I'm not using it.

  2. I used statcounter when I was's so exciting to log on and see if anyone from NYC has been there (I hear agents google you sometimes?). Sure enough, after seeing a NYC visit on statcounter, I got an email requesting a "conversation" regarding my book! Coincidence? Hmmmm. I like to think not!

  3. I use stat counter mostly out of curiosity. It tells me how many people read my blog, where they come from, which posts draw the most interest. It's fascinating, but I don't haunt it or anything. I'm thinking of getting one of those flag counters because it's cool to see all the countries that visit. Stat Counter gives me a map but flags seem even more exciting.

    I have posted a second Earth Day piece today. I felt a need.

  4. Woo hoo! Awesome advice everyone! I love it!

    As for site meter - I use it, because I am curious who stops by. I've found out that a few people in the writing business have come to check out my blog (which makes me a little giddy). So, yeah, I use site meter. =)

  5. I like stat counter to give me an idea of visitation traffic. It's nice to know if there are trends to days of weeks when people visit most to help me decide when to post a blog.

  6. I was part of a blogging class over a year ago and told to put it in. I almost never look at it now, though. Doesn't matter how many hits - how many people are participating in the discussion?

  7. Great advice on blogging, thanks for sharing. I do have a counter on my blog, but tend to agree with Diane ... it's the discussions I enjoy!

  8. What a great round up of blogging tips. Thanks!

    I love StatCounter. It's so fascinating to see from where people visit your blog.

  9. Look at all those great tips!! And hey I see my name! :):):)

    I don't use stat counter, but I've been going to add it on for like ever! Now that I've read all those great comments I'm sure I will.

  10. Very cool that you listed these all for us. And I do use a stat counter, but not for much more than just knowing how many hits I've had. I don't do any mad stats analysis with it. :)

  11. Great list of tips! Awesome :) Thanks for compiling it all.

    I do have a stat counter account, but to be honest I rarely check it. It is fun to see where the comments generate from.

  12. Thanks for compiling the tips. :D

    I used to obsess over the stat counter, but have found that it's not always completely accurate. And then Life happened and I've been to busy to obsess. For now, anyway. :p

  13. Great summary.

    To watch older post for spam go to Settings > Comments
    scroll down to Comment Moderation and click on "Only on post older than..." You can put in any number you want.

    And yes email is evil.

    I'm off to explore some new blogs.

  14. Great post! I love all these tips. And thanks for the shout out!

    We are slightly obsessed with StatCounter. Laura once had to change the password because I wouldn't stop checking it every 5 minutes. Sad, but true. Proceed with caution!

  15. That's a lot fo good advice! Thanks for putting me up there.

  16. I loved the run down of all the wonderful blogging advice.

    I use Stat Counter. I think it is great. It allows me see where the people viewing my blog are from.

  17. A good summary of blogging tips! I signed up for Google Webmaster tools/statistics for my other blog, but had forgotten about checking it. Guess I'll take a look now that you've reminded me. Is that the same as stat counter?

  18. Oh... okay, I just installed stat counter. Cool!

  19. OMG, your post just reminded me that I even have stat counter. I stopped looking at the results in mid March, when I went on hiatus. I went from an average of 250 views a day to about 30. I haven't looked since. I'd say it's overall a little gimmicky and won't tell you much. It's fun, at first, to just play around with the options.

  20. I like the idea of summarizing the list too.

    I don't use a stat counter, but I do see where people come from each day through a map because it's fun. If I ever get someone from Antarctica, I'll be shocked and a little thrilled.

  21. What great blogging tips - thanks for summarizing all that for us. And adding in the links of everyone who contributed - that must have taken some time!

    I use stat counter, but I don't pay much attention to it. I'm more interested in the comments I get. I haven't played around with it to see where the visitors are coming from, but now that I've read some of these comments I'm going to check it out.

  22. Great follow up! I loved reading all of the suggestions. (Thanks for the shout out at the end.)

    Stat Counter...OMGoodness! It's so much fun! (Yes, I know that I'm over using "!" marks...) I love being able to look at the world map and see that people in other countries are reading my blog. I don't take the stats to seriously, but it's fun to see the little red push pin things on the map. :)

  23. Great list of reminders! I use to have stat counter but it got all quirky. Plus I'm trying to unclutter my blog. Hard to do!

  24. These are great ideas! Statcounter boggles me (and not in a good way). I tried using Google Analytics, but that hates me too. Sigh.