Saturday, May 22, 2010

Make a wish, use your strength

Hey! Progress is occurring in the sidebar! How is everyone else doing with their own personal May Scramble?

At the bookstore on Thursday night I made a wish on that special place between Alexander and Anderson. It’s a place that I rarely let the longing carry me. But that night I had written over 2,000 words and I claimed it as my reward for the huge effort. And with a whispered wish, I said one thing, “I am strong enough.”

So many things about the publishing process are beyond the control of a writer, but one thing isn’t: attitude. Last week Elana “Just Got a Book Deal!” Johnson and Carolyn V. blogged about something near and dear to my heart: tenacity and attitude. They said, “You can do hard things.”

And this is true. If you believe in something hard enough, than you can do the work it takes. You CAN do hard things. And what’s more, you have done hard things in your life before, haven’t you? It’s just the next step to overcoming and making things HAPPEN. Of course there are days/times/moments when I think I can’t do the hard things. That the obstacles against me are insurmountable. But there is always someone out there that has a taller wall to climb than I do. I take courage from them when I need it.

Here are two I want to share:

I am strong enough. And YOU are strong enough. We CAN do hard things.

Q4U: What hard things have you done? What hard things do you want to do?


  1. Thanks for sharing these. It's amazing what some people have to face and the strength of the human spirit.

  2. Wow. I have chills. Thanks for sharing these inspirational videos. Makes any problems I think I have seem insignificant.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jackee. Keep up the good work. And do visit I think you'll like what you see.

  4. I never wish for material things....I usually wish for strength and courage.

    You are right, we can and should do hard things.

    Life is not easy. Why should we expect things to come our way without good, hard work?

    Nice post.


  5. Bring on the tears, why don'cha? ;) There are such amazing people in this world!

  6. What an inspiring post, Jackee! People can do things if they just let themselves and persevere. I really believe a lot of it is about attitude and taking risks. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  7. Those videos were so inspirational, Jackee - thanks for sharing! The man in that first one is my new hero - how I wish he could come speak at my daughter's school - middle school kids so need to hear his message!

  8. Very inspirational!! It's nice to see how others have gotten through hard times, it allows you to realize your life isn't that bad!

    I think you're doing great on your progress!!! I've been pushing anywhere from 1,000 to 1,300 a day on the writing, you gave me back my voice with this challenge! I'm thankful!! I'm also doing wonderful meeting new bloggers! What a great idea!!

  9. Great post! Was your question a self reflecting question or were you curious? I am taking it that you were curious, but you probably know my answer.

    I think the hardest thing I have done is be a foster parent to two wonderful children and try to navigate the foster care system. The hardest thing I wish to do it not let that experience distort my desire to other wonderful kids in that situation.

  10. Writing feels like everything, but it's only a part of who we are and what we have. We should keep working and hoping, but focus on the good in our lives.

  11. Nice post. Tenacity and attitude are huge to me too--they can't be emphasized enough.

    Congrats on the hard work you've been doing. :)

  12. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Love that you're a follower. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Great blog, by the way.


  13. These are incredibly inspiring!

    Thank you for the important reminders.

  14. I've seen the story of the woman before, and she's very inspirational. I haven't seen the one of the man. "No arms. No legs. No worries." I trust people with character like that. Thanks for sharing these video's. :)

  15. Nie Nie is such an inspiration. I do hard things on a daily basis, because I am a mother of two strong-spirited kids. They keep me going and keep me laughing. They keep me wondering why dinner is the hardest part of my day. Maybe it's because it builds strong families, so it must be a battle.

  16. I see the challenges like people in these videos have faced and think of so many other people who have faced similar challenges and realize how easy and blessed my life has been. The hard things in my life may have seemed kind of hard at the time, but they really weren't that much when put in perspective.

    I want to be a blessing to others.

    Tossing It Out

  17. I needed to read this.

    Not doing so good on the May Scramble thing, but this motivated me again.

    Anything really worth achieving is going to be HARD. Gotta keep the focus.

  18. I didn't have time to watch them all. But I saw enough of both to realize how important it is to have the strength and courage to do the things that are important to us. There's only one person who can take that away from us. Ourselves.

    Thanks for the good cry. ;)

  19. I've stopped by again to see how you are doing on the challenge and you are still pushing along! I love to see a fellow buddy making the goal with me!! How fun!

    I'm excited to write another 1,000 tonight!! Going to new blogs has been so much fun too!!! I'm still loving this contest/challenge

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