Friday, July 23, 2010

Double T-800 Blog Party: Day 10

First, can I just tell you how much I’ve loving your answers? They are so entertaining and such lovely, little insights into your lives. Thank you for sharing! Truly!

Next, I apologize to those of you I have not responded to or blog visited the last few days. A month ago my town had a big forest fire (if you remember the story here). Now we’re in the middle of monsoons and getting flooded out from the burn area run-off. Neighbors and friends have all come together to sand bag and take care of each other--a great thing--but it has kept me away from the computer and exhausted into incoherence when I am here. So please excuse me of my blog rudeness lately! I swear I’ll be back and catch-up. (My list of people to visit is already going strong.)

Now to continue on our DOUBLE T-800 Blog Party. There are still many prizes to be had!

Friday’s Winners (according to are:
1. Angie Lofthouse—Walker’s shortbread and Nutella, one of my favorite cookie blends. (Though I believe if I tried her son’s Tollhouse chocolate chip ones, they’d be my favorite too!)
2. Catherine—Gingerbread Scented Soaps. She loves the smell of a Christmas turkey, so maybe this smell is a close second (I'm guessing because she likes Gingersnaps).
3. Terri Tiffany—A copy of Where the Wild Things Are, for the girl crazy enough to fall in love and right away jump in both feet first!

Please email me your addresses, ladies, @ jackee(dot)alston(at)gmail(dot)com.

Not a winner this time? No worries, there is another chance today and the Grand Prize is still up for grabs. Here’s what you should do to play with us:

FIRST, click here to enter my grand prize giveaway (TBA July 31st). NEXT, go and enter Sharon’s grand prize giveaway. THEN visit both of our blogs for daily prizes.

To play today, tomorrow, and Sunday, please answer all three questions (answer creativity is appreciated though not rewarded extra entries). On Monday I’ll announce the three winners for the prize that corresponds to the question:

1. What is an interesting bedtime ritual you have? (Again, keep it CLEAN. lol)
2. What is an interesting morning ritual you have? (See warning above.)
3. Have you ever known an “one-upper” and if so, what was it they did/said?

Thanks for joining in on the fun! See you back here on Monday for the winner announcement and more off-the-wall questions/prizes!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you Jackee!!! Gingerbread Scented Soaps!!! How wonderful! I can hardly wait. I have indeed sent you my mailing address.

    So sorry about your town's hardships lately ~ sending warm thoughts and wishes for everyone staying safe!

    I hope it doesn't mess up your 'random drawings' but I still want to play but please don't include me for a prize ~ I feel I have been so lucky already! But I want to still play!!! :)

    1. 2 minutes of brushing my teeth while walking around the house doing other things ~ it drives my hubby crazy!
    2. Pet the cat, plug in the tea kettle. Or if I'm tired, pet the kettle and plug in the cat. Not good!
    3. Oh yes ~ I can't even think of the best one as there have been so many ~ worst part? It's a relative ~ so I can't avoid them. You know the old saying "you can choose your friends but you can't choose your relatives"...sadly... :)

    Have a super day Jackee!
    xo Catherine

  2. hi miss jackee! heres my answers for today

    1. i get ready for bed and then i open the kitchen door and sit on a chair by the door and feed cookies to a little raccoon. she comes every night just at my bedtime. now she trusts me and puts her paws up on my knees and i give her little bits of cookies. the other thing is and maybe its not real interesting but i always talk with god a little while.

    2. i always play a computer game cause it helps get my brain going.

    3. we had a doctor one time that made my brothers sooo mad cause shed ask about stuff and no matter what you said she always had a bigger pain or a worse problem. ha ha. we got a new one now because of it.

    ...hugs from lenny

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Nighttime ritual: Get all kids to bed and write for as long as I can keep my eyes open. I then have to go turn the kids' lights off and try going down the stairs in the dark (3 way light switch that doesn't work...if I turn it on at the top, I have to turn it OFF at the top. (Skipping bathroom stuff) fall into bed and hug my feather pillow...ahhhhh.

    Morning: Wake up before alarm (skipping bathroom stuff), go back to bed and read/comment on blogs until I have to eat/get ready for work.

    Boring stuff, huh?

  4. 1. I MUST spray sleep spray, and the hubs tucks me in,lol
    2. I MUST have coffee before anyone even looks at me
    3. MY husband is the ultimate one-upper. You say you're going on vacation he'll talk of his days in Germany. You say you're good at skiing, he'll talk of going to snowboard camp.

  5. Yay I'm so glad you showed up on my sidebar today! I've been meaning to add your contest to my sidebar so consider you up there as soon as I'm done with this comment!!

    1. Journaling and watching NCIS, boring I know.

    2. Checking email, shower, hair, packing lunch... very boring I know, that's what happens when you work at 5 AM

    3. OMG I was just talking about this yesterday! We were sharing stories of our childhood past and the things we'd done wrong, I just talked about having everything taken out of my room... wanna know what she said?? "Oh yeah, well I've been to jail" Good lord YOU WIN!

  6. Oh, I'm soooo boring.

    1. I don't have any. I read.
    2. I don't have any, unless you count doing crunchies when I get up at 5 am.
    3. Nope!

    See? Boooooring!

  7. 1. What is an interesting bedtime ritual you have?
    Nothing really...usually just tucking in and reading until I fall asleep.

    2. What is an interesting morning ritual you have?
    I make my bed while still in bed, roll around (in an attempt to wake myself up- morning exercise!) until I've fallen out, and then get back in. :) Of course, back to sleep.

    3. Have you ever known an “one-upper” and if so, what was it they did/said?
    Yes, my best friend will ALWAYS compete in the case of what situation we are in at the moment. We both exaggerate, and so I guess we're both "one-upper"s. (I'm hoping that's what a one-upper is.

  8. What is an interesting bedtime ritual you have? (Again, keep it CLEAN. lol) Hmm--I try to stop eating at 6:30. DOes that count?
    2. What is an interesting morning ritual you have? (See warning above.) LOL nothing except check blogs for an hour.
    3. Have you ever known an “one-upper” and if so, what was it they did/said?

  9. 1) I have to have a snack as close to midnight as possible!

    2. I spend 10 minutes of quality time with my cat Charlie!

    3. My mum's one. Our neighbour had stone cladding done to the front of their house (fake stone - very ugly but very popular in the 1980's) so she had to have ours done too. Spent a fortune removing it when the estate agent's said it devalued our house years later when she tried to sell the house.

    Oh well done your community for pulling together!!!

    I hope you and your family are safe and well!

    take care

  10. 1. I imagine three circles of light around my house to protect us all through the night.
    2. Tea. Not so interesting, but necessary nonetheless.
    3. No, thankfully.

  11. I am impressed that you manage to keep up with your blog at all, considering all the trials you have had this summer! Not to mention hosting all these fun contests and prizes!

    Some great evening/morning rituals in the comments! I loved the pet the kettle, plug in the cat! Or the one who feeds the raccoon every night. Those two need to win, for sure!

    1. Bed time - all four kids piling on our bed to have me read them a bed time story. Then after they go to bed, I fluff up my pillows again and enjoy sometime reading my own book choice.

    2. Morning: rolling out of bed (literally) and going for a walk around my neighborhood with my voice recorder. Listen to previously recorded notes and some favorite favorite Bible verses to wake myself up and once my blood is moving I record any new ideas.

    3. “one-upper” - I am so thankful that I actually can't think of anyone who does this! I'm sure I've run into it into the past, but I've managed to black it out!

  12. 1. My daughter used to make me pet all of the stuffed animals my kids gave me over the years that sit on my bed table. But she's stopped checking up on me, so I've stopped.

    Now I check for monsters under the bed and read a book. Since it's supposed to be clean, I won't say anything else.

    2. Sit ups, push ups, and (when the timer rings) coffee.

    3. My son is a one upper. In an argument, he always has to get in the last word. Unless I won't let him. I wonder where he got that from???

  13. 1. I go around my house, checking the doors and set the house alarm.
    2. I feed the birds and change the water in the bird bath every morning; I love birds and it's right outside my big kitchen window, so Bird TV is great entertainment for my indoor cats!
    3. Many years ago, my male friend married a girl who had a son; she insisted she knew everything better than the rest of us because she was a mother=very annoying!

  14. Forgot to wish you a happy weekend, Jackee!

  15. I'm so sorry to hear you're still dealing with Mother Nature, but it's so nice when neighbors pull together like that. Just do what you have to do, we'll all be here when you come back!

    #1 - I have to start out the night on my left side, then turn to my right side, and then end up on my back before I can fall asleep. I know - it's my OCD showing itself. :)

    #2 - I turn the coffee pot on FIRST THING, before I do anything else.

    #3 - I'm sorry, can't think of any (just lucky I guess) :)

  16. More fun!

    1 - I have to read before bed - every night! (pretty much my only ritual!)

    2 - Chai tea! & check blogs while I dry my hair/put on makeup

    3 - One-uppers drive me batty! I'm getting better at not responding, but I've been know to make up stories to out-do them! Not good.

  17. Congrats to the winners.

    1. What is an interesting bedtime ritual you have? (Again, keep it CLEAN. lol)I light a scented candle before I sleep.

    2. What is an interesting morning ritual you have? (See warning above.)I check email with my Blackberry.

    3. Have you ever known an “one-upper” and if so, what was it they did/said? Yes, years ago I would tell a coworker about tasks I was completing and she would say, "So what, I had to do this...." I didn't know I was competing with anyone on who was the harder worker. I was just engaging in innocent conversation.

  18. 1. singing my kids to sleep
    2. staying in bed longer than I should
    3. yes, but she's family, and the internet isn't very private ;o)

  19. Oh my gosh! I hope you're doing okay with all of the craziness in your town. Sounds like you have a very warm and close-knit community of neighbors though, which is a lovely thing.

    1. My interesting bedtime ritual: I guess it's not all that interesting but I need to read in order to sleep. I feel as though it makes me dream more, and my dreams are so strange that it's fun to see what I'll dream each night.

    2. Interesting morning ritual: I stretch? (Again, not so interesting...)

    3. Oh yes. One of my friends in high school was a one-upper. She turned everything into a competition, even the most ridiculous things. If I said "I accidentally ran a red light this morning," she would say "Oh I've done that DOZENS of times!"

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  20. 1. The last thing I do before bed each night is put my hand on each child's back to make sure they are breathing!
    2. Nothing interesting. Let out dogs, turn on laptop, empty dishwasher then start with the kids' needs.
    3. I know many! (did I just one-up? hee!)