Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Double T-800 Blog Party: Day 8

We’re continuing on the DOUBLE T-800 Blog Party. Sharon and I are having a lot of fun. Keeping coming and commenting, there are more prizes to be had and it doesn't matter if you've already won one!

Wednesday’s Winners are (according to
1. Jill Kemerer—Kinder Packs to remind her of those days when you can never trust an adult.
2. Angela A—Fuzzy socks, since they’re her favorite.
3. Amy Allgeyer Cook—A notebook for the lady that won’t quit, or at least says it’s not over until it’s over!

Please email me your addresses, ladies, @ jackee(dot)alston(at)gmail(dot)com.

Not a winner this time? No worries, there is another chance today and the Grand Prize is still up for grabs. Here’s what you should do to play with us:

FIRST, click here to enter my grand prize giveaway (TBA July 31st). NEXT, go and enter Sharon’s grand prize giveaway. THEN visit both of our blogs for daily prizes.

To play today please answer all three questions (answer creativity is appreciated though not rewarded extra entries). On Friday I’ll announce the three winners for the prize that corresponds to the question:

1. What’s your favorite cookie?
2. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done? (Keep it clean, this is a G-rated blog. Hee, hee.)
3. What is one of your favorite smells?

Thanks for joining in on the fun! See you back here on Friday for the winner announcement and more off-the-wall questions/prizes!

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  1. 1. Cookie: my husband's gluten-free interpretation of a Ghiradelli triple-chocolate cookie with double vanilla, and when it comes out of the oven you practically want to eat it with a fork. Best. Cookie. EVER!

    2. Craziest thing? Try to break up... err... quit grad school while talking to my adviser on the phone. Stupid crazy.

    3. Favorite smells: see #1 above :)

  2. 1. What’s your favorite cookie?
    Chocolate chip. I'm boring. :|

    2. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
    Hid behind a the dark. Nothing suss.

    3. What is one of your favorite smells?
    That shower smell :D

  3. this is so much fun!

    1. my fav cookie is a mixed up one of oatmeal, chocolate chip and peanutbutter and it has nuts in it to.

    2. i didnt do anything real wild. one of my brothers took me white water rafting and that was pretty wild.

    3.i like the smell of cookies and pies baking in the oven

    …smiles from lenny

  4. Congratulations to the winners!

    1. Chewy Ginger Snaps... mmmm....
    2. I am soooo NOT wild... honestly.... I think I ran with scissors in my hand once... but that's about it... :(
    3. The smell of a turkey cooking on Christmas day... love it!

    Have a great day Jackee!!
    xo Catherine

  5. I'm having so much fun with these!!!

    1. Warm chocolate chip cookies!!!
    2. Ran in the rain naked when I was a teenager as a dare. I'm not proud of it.
    3. Warm Apple Cider!

  6. 1.Peanut butter Chocolate chip
    2.Leave my husband and start a new life in another state
    3.My husband's cologne

  7. chocolate chip
    craziest thing? Oh wow--marry a guy I only knew for three months but it worked!

  8. Yay!! Well done to the winners!!!

    1) Triple chocolate!
    2. Set up my blog!
    3. Fresh Lavender!

    Take care

  9. 1. Chocolate chip all the way!
    2. I'm pretty cautious generally, but once I rode in a trunk to my boyfriend's fraternity with his friends in college...
    3. The smell of my kids' hair after its been washed

  10. Love your questions and seeing everyone's answers :)

    1 - homemade chocolate chip for sure!

    2 - when I was little I used to shinny up the poles on the swingsets and then walk across the top of them like a tightrope walker. That was a LONG time ago :)

    3 - cinnamon and vanilla

  11. Hey, thanks!! I can always use another notebook. I make lots of lists. :)

  12. 1. What’s your favorite cookie? Oatmeal raisin.
    2. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done? (Keep it clean, this is a G-rated blog. Hee, hee.) You're not going to believe this but... once... I went to bed WITHOUT brushing my teeth. I'm so rebellious.
    3. What is one of your favorite smells? Hmm... the smell of a printed, finished, polished, absolutely perfect book written by me. Not that I've ever smelled it, but I hope to. Someday.

  13. Cookie: Chocolate Chip (even the dough is awesome) Or there's white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. mmmmmm.

    Craziest thing: Sneaking off with my friend to meet a couple guys. The night included: cruddy apartment, beer, Stupak's Tower, missing car keys, a hotel key, wine glasses, a proposition, peeing in the park (after dark...not me), and being stopped by the cops TWICE. That's got Mock Me Monday written all over it...

    Favorite Smell: The clean baby smell.

  14. Hmmm....

    1 - It has to be oatmeal raisin. I really wanted it to be chocolate chip, but it wouldn't be thruthful. A nice, smooshy, cinnamony oatmeal raisin can't be beat!

    2 - Gotten a tattoo! (and no I don't regret it! it was a wonderful, meaningful, bonding experience with my sister that will last a lifetime!)

    3 - The smell of rain, right before a huge storm.

  15. Probably the Chocolate with Salted Caramel that I've been making lately! They are YUMMY!

    I don't do crazy things... unless you count trying to beat up a 350 lb. 6'4 black man! :D

    I love the smell of clean laundry... HATE putting it away, but love having it clean and piled on my couch! ;)

  16. Those are hard questions!
    1. My son's homemade tollhouse cookies.
    2. Does camping count? Out in the wild? I'm such a boring, play-it-safe kind of gal.
    3. I love smells. One of my more unusual favorite smells is wet cement. It reminds me of my grandpa. He was a cement finisher.

  17. Ooh, great questions!

    1. Coconut cookies, based on my husband's recipe. SO good.

    2. Erm, um, erm... skinny dipped in the Atlantic at 12 midnight?

    3. My husband's cologne. Yummy.

  18. Found you through Sharon! Hi! :)

    1. Cookie? Pepperidge Farm Sausalito. I'm ashamed my favorite isn't a homemade one, but there it is.

    2. Wild thing? Take a job halfway across the country after college - in a state where I knew no one. Everything I owned fit in my Toyota hatchback. Met my husband there, so it worked out for me! :)

    3. Smell? Um, polo cologne. The original stuff high school boys bathe in. Takes me back in time. Also, oranges spiked with cloves.

  19. Congrats to the winners!

    1. White chocolate chip macadamia nut - yum!

    2. My friends and I toilet papered the house of the manager at the restaurant where I worked in high school, in broad daylight. This was not a friendly thing, I really disliked the guy.

    3. Vanilla. Boring? Maybe...but oh so yummy!

  20. 1. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. I especially love them when they are still warm. YUM!
    2. Craziest thing I've ever done is leave my cart full of groceries at the grocery store and drive home.
    3. Favorite smell is the smell of a baby.

  21. Someone won Kinder?! Lucky!

    1. I love the girl scout cookie that used to be called Samoas. I don't know what they're called now. Caramel DeLites, I think.

    2. Wildest thing I've ever done? I'm not admitting to that here!

    3. Vanilla or the ocean. Aack! I don't know which one to choose. Vanilla.

  22. Yahoo!! I won! Sorry, I get WAY too excited!! Thank you soooo much!

    (Really, I'm not elbowing through the other contestants to get my prize--not at all. Maybe shoving just a bit.)

    1. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip--yum!
    2. Oh, I'm not telling that!
    3. Cinnamon or vanilla. Maybe both together? :)

  23. (1) Chocolate chip - the soft gooey kind

    (2) Craziest, and most wonderful: I brought home a baby from the local orphanage two months after my husband and I arrived in China. We were in a new culture as new parents. But she's ours now and I wouldn't have done it any other way.

    (3) My husband. (Is that G-rated enough for you? He really does smell great!)


  24. Favorite cookie: I make these soft and gooey oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth and are full of magical goodness. *drools and runs off to find cookies*

    Wildest Thing I've ever done: hmmmmmmm..... Well, my sister and I went to London by ourselves for a week and everyone thought our parents were crazy for letting us go alone, so I guess that's kinda crazy. I'm not a bungee jumping sort of girl, so no crazy heroics from me.

    Favorite smell: my pillow. I love to just bury my face in it. don't know why. But my sister's pillow smells weird. Apparently it's just mine that I like.

  25. 1. chocolate chip walnut

    2. have to think about that one...

    3. gingerbread

  26. 1. Shortbread....but a warm chocolate chip cookie is good,too. so is an oreo with a big slab of peanut butter on top.

    2. had kids...hahahaha

    3. The first time in autumn when someone has a fire in their fireplace.

    p.s. congratulations...I think you are the first to have completed their dare!

  27. 1. Macadamia nut cookies
    2. Since it's G rated, don't think I can say... :)
    3. My kitty babies smell so sweet!
    I might be too late, but thought I would join in the fun!...Have a lovely day, Jackee.

  28. 1. Any edible one.

    2. Had kids.

    3. Fresh laundry.

    Love the questions.:)