Thursday, August 26, 2010

And Katpee was born.

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My copy of Mockingjay didn’t get here fast enough. NOW I remember why I don’t preorder books! DOH!

Thanks to my merciful little sister, who granted me permission to use her account, I listened to it on audio. What a ride! For those of you who read it, did you like it?

And for those of you who haven’t…
 Did you know that Katniss was really pregnant after all? Baby KatPee was born fully formed, nearly killing her mother on entry into the world. Good thing Finnick O’Dair was standing right there to imprint on her. Their fates are now sealed forever.

Also, would you have guessed President Snow was really a wizard/vampire/zombie/muttation?! Hmm… no wonder he smelled of blood, oranges, rotten fish, and flowers. Kind of fruity-fishy to me. Oh well, it made it easier for little Prim to kill him dead with just one throw of that cat, who clawed his undead soul to smithereens. Fortunately Rue came back to life just in time to step in as president of all Panem.

Really, I’m relieved Katniss having to choose between Peeta and Gale became such a nonissue, since it turned out Johanna was a boy all along and the one Katniss really needed in her life. Whew! Here I was so worried I couldn’t go on with my own life if she chose Gale.
 So what have you all been up to this week? With my ear stuck in a book, I’ve cleaned cupboards, folded laundry, and tiled more mosaics. Guess what I didn’t do? Writing… critiquing… blogging… Oi! (Huge apologies to all of you, both for my slacking off and for the spoilers I include here.)

P. S. My husband, who hasn’t had a chance to read it, does not think my spoilers are funny. Odd, he usually has a good barometer for humor.


  1. I haven't read them *hangs head in shame* I'm glad to hear that around the board everyone seems to ADORE them!

    I know, I know, I'm heading to B&N very soon!

  2. 1) I can't believe you spoiled the book
    2) I can't believe how much Collins ripped off Twilight!
    3) I can't believe you are on team Gale. Or is that team Johanna?

    I just got my copy today (Dang preorders.) I'm off to take the kids to Taekwondo and READ.

  3. hahaha...since I haven't read the book I might be in danger of actually taking this seriously.

  4. You are a lunatic, but funny! Sounds like you liked the book as much as I did. Kind of unsettling afterall, wasn't it? Not so sure I loved the series after reading this book. By the way, 'KATPEE' ... FU-UHNNY!

  5. I haven't read Mockingjay yet! I thought I'd download a Kindle version - but it appears that doesn't exist. Gotta get to a bookstore :)

  6. hi miss jackee! i missed you lots. yikes you did a spoiler! now youre in big trouble for sure. haha. for me its ok cause i got told those books are too old for me so im not reading them. i like that youre doing that tile stuff. its cool. for me this week me and my brother sebi are house sitting for our cousin tony. yay! we got the pool a BIG tv with wii games and all the channels in the world and a zillion movies. tony and cathy are gone 3 weeks on one of his book signing tours. first theyre in jamaica then las vegas then chicago. wow thats a lot of signings for sure. i go home 3 days for my teacher cause im not going to school at a real school yet.
    ...hugs and smiles from lenny

  7. I haven't read any of Mockingjay so all your spoilers went over my head but I have to confess that I laughed out loud at how Johanna was really a boy and Katpee's name is funny in and of itself. Whatever's going on, it sounds like a fun story.

    Don't you just love audio books? You can do all your chores while reading.


  8. Don't know anything about the book, sorry...I am moving next month and trying to pack up my house after being here half my life (22 years!), so it's a huge job...I have to get this home ready to sale as soon as I move into the new place...So much to do=it's exciting and scary at the same time!...I think I will be kind of sad leaving this place, spent so much of my life here, but I know it's time to move on and get a fresh start...Take care and have a great Friday/weekend, Jackee.

  9. I;ve never listened to an audio book!! Hmmm! :-)

    Enjoy your listening and cupboard cleaning!

    Have a great weekend!
    Take care

  10. I too can't wait to read Mockingjay!!! I made the mistake and asking for it for my birthday (happens to be this weekend) and now I'm having to WAIT and wonder what I was thinking! You and I may be the last two to finish. You think???

    PS-loved the spoilers and thought they were pretty funny...your hubs needs to check the barometer!

  11. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM That's me not listening...I haven't read the series yet. They are on my book shelves, as I've purchased them. :) (I am glad everyone loves them...especially my critique partners.)

  12. I lost most of yesterday to Mockingjay. And I thought your spoilers were funny.

  13. You crack me up!!! I am super jealous that you have listened to it though, especially since I have to wait till OCT 18!!!! GRRRRRR! So... did you love it for real?

  14. Ha ha ha! This is totally funny.

    I haven't read Mockingjay yet, so thanks for RUINING it for me. :)


  15. Don't worry about your husband, I think they're funny!

    I pre-ordered the boxed set, and it actually came a day before the release date, so I'm pretty happy with my pre-order. :)

    I so LOVED this book. Even if Katniss did end up with Johanna.

  16. Good thing I finished the book today before I read your blog. *shakes finger seriously* You really shouldn't spoil. It's just not nice.

    Besides, you forgot the part where they held the giant wedding for Haymitch and Effie. I mean, talk about a tear-jerker of a scene. I cried for about ten minutes over the beauty of their vows!


  17. I have seen so much about that book but never read it. This week has not been as productive as I want it to be. I did get most of my edits back from an editor and now I have TONS to do!

  18. this was hilarious. I was an idiot that pre-ordered mockingjay and I'm still waiting. But I did get an e-mail that said it's been sent - finally. Now that I've read your spoilers guess I don't need to read it after all - hee hee.

  19. I bet your husband secretly thinks it's funny.
    But dang, I haven't read it yet and you just ruined the whole book for me. *wink*

  20. That's a lotta' information. Uuummm, I think I'll stick with books that are read by the under-five group. LOL

    ~ Yaya

  21. LOL you are killing me with the funny. Yes I read it, but I had to avoid the internet for a week to avoid spoilers, so I have sympathy for the hubs. :)