Monday, August 2, 2010

In which Jackee answers Sharon's questions

As promised, here are my answers to Sharon’s Really Random Questions for the giveaway. But first I need to give you a couple links to check out:

#1) Abby Annis' blog. I won her two hundred follower contest. I admit I feel guilty winning another person’s 200 follower fest, but check out the prizes I won and you’ll know why I’m smiling. While you’re there get to know Abby. She’s amazing! And one of my oldest blogging friends. Thank you again, Abby!

#2) Candyland has interviewed Lenny. If you haven't seen comments from Lenny around the blogosphere, you will soon and they'll make you smile. Guarantee it. He is an adorable kid with a heart of gold! Please go and say hi to him and introduce yourself!

#3) Annnnnndddddd... my answers:

1. Do you take baths? As often as the kids will let me!
2. If you were a fruit, what kind would you be? Strawberry—red and luscious.
3. Are you a cat? Only if I can be pampered in the process!
4. Do you have teeth? If the answer is yes, what do you do with them? Yes, and I’m pretty hard on them, biting things open I shouldn't!
5. When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you do? I write and check my email.
6. What phobia does Howie Mandel have? Do you have it? Howie is afraid they’ll find out he doesn’t have the credentials to be a judge on America’s Got Talent. And no, I've no desire to be on a show. :o)
7. If you were going to re carpet my basement, what tool might you need? A phone number. :o)
8. What should you do right before you go to bed? (G-Rated blog warning) Check to make sure my kids are okay and asleep in their beds, then I pray.
9. If you were at a posh restaurant and ordered your favorite tea, what flavor would you order? Peppermint!
10. If you were in the kitchen at 7p.m. what would you be doing? Getting the kids their dessert
11. What is your favorite snow cone or icy flavor? Watermelon
12. After you sneeze it's a good idea to ___________________. Use your elbow.
13. Funky socks or practical ones? Funky as long as they’re soft and snuggly.
14. You're at a wonderful diner, they make the BEST fruit pies. What flavor do you order? Strawberry Rhubarb
15. Are you an international spy or traveler? I wish I was more of the latter!
16. Name your favorite pick me up drink. Fuze
17. I say cookie, you say _________________________. Leche!
18. You are trapped on a deserted dessert island and all you have to drink is flavored water. What flavor do you drink first? Lime!
19. If you see a mouse in your house, what do you do? Get a trap and lock it in a room by itself.
20. Describe the inside of your desk drawer. Cluttered.
21. If I was to give you a pile of photographs what would you do with them? Put them in box and pretend I’m going to put them in an album someday.
22. When you go on vacation, do you take notes? Yes! Travel books, internet sites, and copious amounts of research notes. :o)
23. Tropical or local? Both!
24. It's 1 a.m. and you're at Waffle House, what do you order to drink? Hot chocolate.
25. If you could visit any kind of fruit farm, what would it be and why? I love apple orchards.
26. Do you wash your hands regularly? Yes, too often! My hands are always dry and cracked.
27. You are on a trip to Iceland to do research. What research tool do you take with you? Lap top and a generator
28. While in Iceland, your lips get very dry. What flavor chap stick do you use? Any berry flavor
29. If someone throws a ball and yells fetch what do you do? Send my kids after it.
30. You are having Tea with the Queen. You are offered a variety of crepes. What kind do you order? Strawberry and kiwi
31. You have a big day ahead of you. What do you do to make sure you get everything done? List the items and then enlist help!
32. Do you have a kitchen? Yes! I love my big kitchen.
33. What's your favorite donut filling? When was the last time you had it? Maple custard and it’s been awhile!
34. It's about 4 months until winter. What will you need to protect your hands in the winter? Gloves.
35. Journal or computer? Computer, but I wish I was better at journaling!
36. If you were to find a bone, what would you do? Break it in half and give it to my dogs (Siberian Huskies).
37. What's your favorite fruit roll up? Strawberry.
38. Carry on or cargo? Carry on! I’m cheap, what can I say?
39. Writer or reader? Writer first!
40. Tell me something surprising about yourself: I can make a really loud popping noise with my tongue on my lips or teeth. :o)

So what are everyone’s big hopes/plans for the week? It’s a rainy week here so I'm going to get a lot done indoors!


  1. You guys came up with a lot of questions. It was easier to do the answers, wasn't it?

  2. Your answers had me smiling all the way through!!! Love the Howie Mandel answer and the re-carpeting answer!!!

    I loved the blog party you two put together! It was more fun then I could have ever imagined!

  3. Nice answers! I'm a strawberry-flavor fan too!

  4. ... and a Leche is..??

    Great answers - very funny! I thoroughly enjoyed these past few days of yours and Sharon's blogfest! Yay!

    And congratulaions with being Abby Annis' 200th follower - good for you!


    Take care

  5. I received the book today and it is so lovely, a really great prize!...Thank you very much, I will read it daily and think of my new friend!...Hope you have a great week.

  6. Yay Jackee - Congrats on the win!! Don't feel bad, you are always doing nice things for others, you should be taken care of now and then too!

  7. It was fun reading your answers!

    Thanks for the heads up about Lenny's interview - I'm off to check it out. :)

  8. Man, I wish we'd get some rain.

    Fun Q & A. :)

    Congrats on the wins!!

    My plans are to knock some things off my long, LONG To-Do list. (which includes working on revisions)

    Happy Monday!

  9. I loved your answers!!! It really was hard not commenting on your blog. I know the next time I come to AZ we'll get together. :) I'm so glad we e-met.

    Speaking of e-meetings, I love that everyone is getting to know Lenny. His blog was one I found after Stripes died. He made me smile and I'm so glad that so many other people are getting to know him. :)

    Congratulations on winning Abby's contest. I'll go check her out ASAP...

  10. Wow -- you are a fascinating person!

    (And I do know Loomis -- well! Amazing mandarin oranges there.)

  11. Congratulations Jackee. Lovely prize!

    Great questions Sharon. Interesting and entertaining answers Jackee.
    Inkpots n' Quills

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  13. Love the questions and answers! I would go tropical and local myself. And strawberry is a great fruit to be. :)

  14. I loved your answers! No. 7 and 29 made me laugh - yes, I'd do the same, too!

  15. Fun answers, jackee! Thanks to you and Sharon for the fun random contests!

  16. I like #8 with the G-Rated warning best. ;)

  17. These are such fun answers! Thanks for sharing! :)

    P.S. I wash my hands too often as well, and have dry skin because of that.

  18. I wish we had rain! And for some reason, I'm craving strawberries . . . .

  19. Thank you for the shout out about my contest! Much appreciated, Ginger is very happy. :)

    I love your answers - strawberries seem to feature quite highly! I do the same with my photographs - pretend they are going in an album but instead they go in a box under the bed. One day... *she vows, misty-eyed*

  20. hi miss jackee! some of your answers made me laugh. ha ha. it was fun seeing what you said for miss sharons questions. that contest was soooo much fun.
    ...hugs from lenny

  21. Love the new look of your blog! And what fun random questions. So tell me, do you like strawberries? Yeah, me too :)