Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interview and book win with Lisa and Laura Roecker

What a blast of fun I have for you today, my friends! We’re continuing on with the “return to blogging” celebration with a warm welcome to the Roecker sisters, Lisa and Laura, debut authors of the amazing teen book, The Liar Society. Here’s what they have to say to us:

Q1. First off, my burning question to everyone published is at what point in the long road to publication did you actually think you could succeed, that you could make it into print?
A1. After signing with Catherine, we had the opportunity to meet with her in person to review the manuscript. It was a humbling experience. Despite being overwhelmed at first, we dove into edits and worked pretty much around the clock to complete them. After Catherine had a chance to read our revision, she said it was go time. It was this moment that we felt like we could actually do this. We had so much hope for the book and our career. It was a really exciting time.

Q2. Was there ever a point when it was the opposite, where you thought you couldn’t succeed in getting published? Dare to share the story?
A2. Being on submission was also a humbling experience. We had a whole lot of close calls, but as you know, they really don't mean all that much. We were waiting for the real deal! There were definitely moments while on sub when our hope tank was on empty and we wanted to give up. Luckily there are two of us and usually one can pull the other sister out of a funk.

Q3. You two are world-class bloggers! Has blogging helped you in your path to becoming an author? If so, in what ways?
A3. Blogging has helped in countless ways. First of all, it forces us to write every single day and through the blog we've practiced finding a unified voice. And the people! The people! We've met true friends, beta readers and have hopefully helped other aspiring authors with our experiences. We seriously would not be where we are without the blog.

Q4. I love the addition of pink hair to Kate. Can you tell us a) a little inspiration for the book as a whole and b) what transpired the pink hair?
A4. The book was inspired by someone Lisa lost a few years ago. She would email him from time to time and then got to wondering what would happen if he ever wrote back. The Liar Society tells that story. Now...when we originally wrote TLS, Kate did not have pink hair. But, as you know, authors do not have a whole lot of control over the cover process (in fact, we had more input than most!), but when it came down to it, we were told that Kate would have pink hair on the cover. We were pretty much shocked. Once we came to terms with Kate's transformation, we begged to get our hands back on the manuscript to at least have the book accurately reflect the cover. Sourcebooks was nice enough to let us make a few minor changes. So, Kate with pink hair was born. Honestly, we've never looked back.

Q5. Any new, exciting writing projects you can share with us?
A5. We're very excited for the second book in The Liar Society series. Kate is going to be digging much deeper into the Farrow family legacy. We're having lots of fun with it. We also have a couple other series ideas brewing and once we have direction from Catherine, will dive headfirst into one.

Q6. And now for the hardest question yet: many of my readers are moms or are working full-time outside of writing. Can you give us some advice on how you manage to keep up this writing gig and mother kids to boot?
A6. Oh gosh, we are definitely not doing a very good job balancing it all right now. Our biggest challenge is the lack of childcare. Daycare is expensive. Writing is time-consuming. We basically do all of our writing during naptime (if we get it) and into the night. We're not gonna lie. We're pretty cranky and distracted during the day. But we've talked about balancing better, especially over the summer. We have a really hard time saying NO and we want to do everything!

Q7. And a final question (a writerly one): long-winded first drafter or a skeleton sketcher?
A7. Hmm...we fall somewhere in the middle. But we're notorious for adding lots of words during revisions. Our editor wants to kill us.

Thank you so much, ladies! To learn more about Lisa and Laura, The Liar Society, and their books in progress, check out their fun website and blog.

Now for a chance to win an ARC of The Liar SocietySIGNED BTW—just leave a comment and be a follower. A chance to win will be open until Thursday, March 17th @ 8 pm MST. The winner will be announced Friday, March 18th, when we’ll have another author interview and giveaway.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER OF SCONES AND SENSIBILITY BY LINDSAY ELAND IS… Catherine Denton. Congratulations, Catherine! Please email me your snail mail address and I’ll get the book to you.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Great interview! Love hearing about their story!

  2. So glad you are back on your blog, Jackee! I missed you.

    And what a way to come back, with LiLa! I cannot wait to read their book, but I am not allowed to read anything of anyone else's the line edits are done. Poooooooo!


  3. I haven't read their book yet, but I will. It looks excellent, and their blog is so much fun to read. Thanks for the interview and giveaway, Jackee!

  4. Congratulations, Lisa and Laura! And aren't you glad your parents gave you names that went so well together?

    Great interview and it would be so much fun to win this ARC. :)


  5. How fun that they are sisters! That must be especially good during the rough parts (that they can commiserate or lean on one another). Thank you for another informative interview!

  6. Huge congratulations to fab sisters Lisa and Laura Roecker!!! I wish them all the best with their book and love the shades of pink hair all over blogland in their honour!!!!!

    Fab interview, thanks Jackee!! Take care

  7. Huge congratulations to fab sisters Lisa and Laura Roecker!!! I wish them all the best with their book and love the shades of pink hair all over blogland in their honour!!!!!

    Fab interview, thanks Jackee!! Take care

  8. Another great interview, Jackee! This was so interesting - especially the part about being told that Kate would have pink hair! I'm glad they were able to go back and have the story reflect that!

  9. I've been following these ladies for awhile, and it's so cool to watch their success unfold. Great interview!

  10. It must be kind of cool to have the mutual support. I wonder if my brother would like to write a book with me? Probably not.
    The pink hair idea was a good idea. The person in charge of marketing understood the concept of having an eye-catching gimmick.
    Good interview.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Terrific interview ladies! I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book right now and would highly recommend it to everyone! It's awesome :)

  12. That's a very interesting story about the front cover and how they changed her hair to the colour pink! Best wishes with the book!

    Great interview, Jackee.


  13. If I do seven comments does that increase my odds of winning a signed copy of LiLa's book???

    I've already bought a copy, but I'll give my copy away if I win a copy.

    The Roecker sisters are awesome!

  14. Fanastic interview, everyone. They are super-cool and have such a fantastic, readable blog. Their personalities just shine through!

  15. Enjoyed the interview. I've seen pink haired people on lots of other blogs, helping to spread the word about The Liar Society. Did a quick looksie of the website and blog.

  16. Sweet! Lisa and Laura are so cool. I can't wait to read their book! Whoop!

  17. Aha, I was just checking in to see if you were back yet, and you ARE!

    I've heard about this book. I'll have to look into it some more.

    Welcome back!

  18. I love their honesty! Hard to find balance - expensive daycare - cranky moms!

    I've read an excerpt of this book and heard it was like a modern Nancy Drew. Would love to win, thx for the opportunity.

  19. That was a great interview! Really enjoyed hearing about their journey.