Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LIFE: Check!

Some days I fly by the seat of my pants, some days I stick to a checklist. Most days I wonder where the day went. Anybody else feel that way?
Today is a checklist day. But I’m breaking free of it to stop in and say hi. I needed friends today. I needed to take a deep breath and remember life is good, especially because of the people in my life. (Meaning: YOU!)
And in case you are wondering what’s been on my checklists, here are some fun facts:
1. My friends and I are up to 47 (count them!) school bags for the Humanitarian Aid project. Hopefully by September 1st I’ll reach my 127 goal.
2. I’ve been a single mom a lot lately. In the last four months my poor husband has been to 6 countries and about 6 states. I can count on my hand how many nights he’s been home, bless his hard-working heart. Thankfully the travel is ending for awhile. (Added bonus: my writing time won’t suffer as much!)
3. Speaking of writing, I have a hope-story for those out in Queryland. Sometimes submissions you think have grown cold, aren’t. This business is very, VERY slow. For example, I had an agent request a full thirteen months ago and have just now heard from her that she’s reading it. Moral of the story: remember to exercise patience when subbing. (And never give up.)
4. My oldest baby just turned 8 yesterday! I went through all her old pictures to make a presentation for her big party this weekend and got a little sad how fast she's growing up. (My youngest will be 2 in a few months, which astounds me as well.)
5. Spring cleaning. Boy has the house needed a deep clean!
6. Gardening. Still working on getting a big garden in this year….
7. Revising (read: rewriting) three books and writing a new book. All are clamoring for attention. All have very loud voices. A big thank you to my critique partners who are so patient with me.

So that’s it for me. What have you all been up to? Checklists, pantsy-activities, or something entirely different?


  1. I read My Fair Godmother last night and LOVED it (which might account for my having a "where the heckito did my day go" kind of day). Thanks, Jackee!

  2. i'm in the process of trying to sell the house. wishing i'd had a chance to meet you since we're both in AZ and you're really not that far away, plus i love that part of AZ. maybe we still will. i have until Sept.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your gorgeous 8 year old!! Yay!!!!

    And Jackee of Winded Words!!! An agent is reading your novel!! That's brilliant news!! GOOD LUCK!! I have everything crossed for you!! of course said agent will love your ms!! Yay!!! Take care

  4. I'm so glad to hear your husband's travel is calming down for a while - that's sooo tough when the kids are young! And way to go on those humanitarian kits!!! I can't even imagine what a huge project that is, and I'm so proud of you that you took it on and are making such great progress! And superfantabulistic good look with the agent reading your full!

  5. Thank you for reminding me how slow things go. I had a full request a month ago and was thinking will she ever notify me?????

  6. I'm really bad with checklists. They just remind me of everything I don't get accomplished. Last month I did a LOT of wondering where the days went. It is a big blur.

  7. I love your pants picture. I always say I fly by the seat of my pants. I'm always rushing everywhere!
    I'm a weekly checklist gal though. I do feel satisfaction crossing things off!
    Happy Bday to your daughter! I have an 8yo daughter too.
    My hubby lives away from us during the week and comes home on weekends (when we sell our house, we'll all move and be together in a new house near his work. It's already been 6 mos). Thank goodness I have the support of our parents to help with the kids after school schedules!

  8. You are one busy lady!! Make sure you take some time for you :)

    I'm catching up on my story ... or the rewrite of my story and screaming in frustration at regular intervals. Business as usual :)

    Enjoy these times with your little ones. They grow so much more quickly than seems possible.

  9. Oh, Jackee, I'm so sorry you've had to be single mom here over the last few months. I'm glad your hubby gets to be home for a while.

    And that's awesome about the full request 13 months later. What the heck!? But still very, very cool! :)

    Happy birthday to your daughter!


  10. Wow you sound busy! And productive! I do a little of both: fly by the seat of pants combined with checklists. Although, these are very creative checklists. Often items get bumped to tomorrow.

  11. I'm glad your hubby is going to be home for a while...I can't imagine managing without Walt for a long period of time.

    WTG on your humanatarian bags!

    I'm usually a list maker, but sometimes I don't do anything on the list except recopy it on the next days list. LOL!

    We won't plant a garden for a few more weeks. Last year we planted on Mother's Day weekend and a big storm blew up and broke almost all of our plants. :( Plus we are still having some nights that are near freezing.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  12. I'm sure you'll achieve your goal of 127 by Sept. That's awesome that you already have 47! :)

    Patience & persistence are so necessary for writing. At least your manuscript is being read & I'm hoping that agent signs you on.

  13. Jackee, you've clearly had a lot going on. It must have been lonely with your husband gone so much. When I first read the 'single mom' my heart stopped but then I read on and realised you meant it in a different way. Thank Goodness!

    Happy Birthday to your youngest. It's sad how they grow up so fast.


  14. his miss jackee! wow that check list got me tired just reading all that youre doing. for me im just happy to get a wake and get up. ha ha. mostly i only been doing my school stuff. thanks for saying bout that medicine that could help me not feel so sick from that chemo stuff. its working just real good and thats how come i could do my school stuff. i hate homework. ack. ha ha. i hope you get all that stuff done. wow cool on how much of those bags you got done!
    ...hugs from lenny

  15. I need a checklist today. Congrats on the 13 month wait! I love to hear things like that :)

  16. Wow, great post! I'm new here, but I look forward to more. BTW, if I don't have a list for the day (and most of the time I don't), it's total chaos! I'm a pantser by nature. :)

  17. I've been reading a lot, and just attended ldstorymakers, which is always a boost.

    That's a lot of traveling for your husband! It would be neat to see that many places and people though. :)

  18. Sounds like you're incredibly busy. Thirteen months? That's unbelievable!

  19. I'm impressed with #1 on your list. That's excellent.

    I'm sorry you've been a single mom so much lately. I'm sure it makes it that much harder to check anything off your list. When I was home yesterday, I thought I'd get so much done, but I only made it halfway through my list.