Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I hate zombies, vampires and the like.

Yes, it’s true. My secret is out; I’m sharing too much of the truth. I write for young adults, but there are few half-human creatures I can stand. Throw stones if you will, but it’s my own personal taste. I’ll not judge you if you DO like them. I will, however, give you some of my reasons for hating their resurgence into pop culture:
  • First and second graders now talk about vamps like it’s cool to date one. (I wonder what sort of fantasies are being discussed at home, hmmm?)
  • I’ve spent time explaining why biologically none of these creatures can exist to children, specifically my own children. Specifically in the middle of the night when I’d rather be sleeping.
  • I’ve also had the long philosophical question whether vampires are good or bad. To both my kids and adults. More Stoker-style or Meyer-style, is generally where the adult conversation turns.
  • If I tell anyone I write for teens and tweens the first comment is, “oh so, like vampires and stuff?” No, that’s not what everyone writes… at least not me and not many of you.
  • The forbidden love of a man-beast (like Edward) has ruined good women I know for real men. (I swear loving a book character really is their problem. In some cases of people I'm close to.)
  • Is it just me or are the quiet, sweet middle grade books not getting the attention they deserve more and more? For argument’s sake, I’ll blame vamps, werewolves, and zombies. They are just too attractive for their own good.
  • And lastly, I saw these at the store while picking out an 8 year old birthday gift. Yeah, zombie barbies. Hot stuff, I tell you.

NOTE: This post was not meant to offend anyone who does like urban and paranormal fantasy genres. Sorry if it did. It was only intended to be a tongue-in-cheek laugh for your long weekend.


  1. I want that barbie. LOL!

    Awwww - I too think vamps, werewolves and the like are far far far too sexy for their own good, darn it!! How are normal everyday creatures supposed to compete??!! :-)

    Take care

  2. You hate zombies and casseroles-- what is wrong with you anyway?

  3. Zombie Barbies? That's hysterical! :)

    There are a lot of assumptions out there are YA and MG writers, aren't there! :)

  4. OMGoodness! That dolly is a little grown up for me...

    I like paranormal stuff, but contemporary and historical fiction are my favorite to read. I like dystopian too. Fantasy writers amaze me. My mind doesn't work the same way.

    (YAY for blogger being back!)

  5. i love both paranormal and real life stories!


    Well done.

  7. I agree. And I'm sick of having dark, edgy YA novels pushed at my sixth grader. I picked up something she was reading earlier this month, and it was disgusting. And she agreed it was disgusting, that she hadn't even like it, but the other girls were reading it. I don't believe in book banning, but I wish the school librarian would push uplifting books, too. Capiche?

  8. I couldn't agree more, Jackee. We are another pair of twins separated at birth. What is wrong with us, anyway? :)


  9. I don't do vampires. Hard and fast rule. I haven't read Twilight. I hope my daughter never wants one of those zombie barbies! Scary.

  10. I didn't take your post as tongue in cheek but I wasn't offended either. I don't write urban fantasy but I've read some of the books. If it's a good story I don't care. I"ll read anything.

    Sweet YA and MG? Better be extremely powerful and well written. My impression is if it's not high concept it's hard to sell in numbers.

  11. I'm not a big fan either. Sometimes my stories involve paranormal elements but usually the kind that already have some sort of basis in reality. Besides, zombies and vampires scare me. =)

  12. hi miss jackee! for me i like reading stuff thats exciting and that could be zombies. but i gotta tell you theres sooooo much zombie stuff now thats for me its got just boring and their not even scary so that make them not exciting.
    ...hugs from lenny

  13. It's funny how Vampires have become "hot". My daughter was watching a funny iCarly episode where these girls only wanted to date Freddie because he played a vampire on their webshow. Funny, and sadly true. Although I don't mind the Vampire stories. I've liked them since I read Anne Rice as a teen and I love Stephenie Meyer's just as much.

  14. I'm totally on your side. I'm not very much into paranormal to begin with, I'm just a very eclectic reader who'll appreciate any good book (which doesn't include Twilight, btw). But I'm an adult. I can deal with it.

    I'm currently writing a vampire story and it was actually hard for me to come up with ways to make them hot; as in, not just creepy and scary and monstrous. (But I have a thing for normalcy.)

  15. a voice of reason in the midst of the madness. it's too bad that stuff sells. of course, that leads to my debate over who decides what gets published. are the pubs taking that stuff because the public demands it or are they steering readers that way? or maybe it's a self-sustaining cycle.

  16. I agree that things have gone too far with young adult fiction. But on the other hand, how is zombie Barbie any worse than Shopping Barbie, or Beach Girl Barbi, or any other type of Barbie. It's still a horrible fashion used to influence young impressionable girls on how they should look and act. It's gross. Sure, zombies eat people's brains but Barbie eats young girls' brains.


  17. Sorry about the middle-of-the-night monster talks!

    I won't read zombie books because they scare me. I did write a vampire book, but I'd like to think it was more substantive than just a vampire romance. And she didn't kill anyone.

    There are a lot of great books out there that aren't paranormal.

    That said, I really like witches. Spells and magic. Love that stuff.

  18. I collect those hot zombie Barbies, you know? Now I'm offended. ;) *kidding* But I do like a good vampire book.

  19. I also believe quiet MG books don't get enough attention. I read contemporary and paranormal, but I prefer contemporary.

    I used to be infatuated with vampires in my teenage years. This was back in the 90's--think Anne Rice and shows like Forever Knight. My interest in them has died down, but I'll read a vampire book from time to time.

  20. Hey Jackee - Just wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog post yesterday. :)

  21. I draw the line at zombie barbies. Really? ug.