Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Whiplash: an update

Yeah, I stink at blogging these days. Sorry. I really do love to blog, love visiting new blogs, love meeting new people through blogging, and… well… I pretty much love everything about blogging. It just seems to take too low a priority in my day right now. No excuse other than that.

But school is about to start and time will open up a little! And since I’ve been absent, I thought I’d share what has been up in my world:
1. I spent last week with my in-laws in San Diego: all 14 of us crammed into a little beach house and we survived! Actually, everyone got along great and the truth be told, I really do love them as my own. Especially my husband’s siblings (all 4 of them). We’ve been married long enough that I’ve been lucky to have watched the younger two grow up into the amazing adults that they are today.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Alston
2. Besides CA, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling to CO and NM visiting my family. (Have I mentioned how much I love acronyms?)
3. Thanks to my dear friends and associates, we have about 40 humanitarian aid school kits together! Almost all the bags are sewn, we are collecting school supplies now. With school supplies on sale, I’m sure we’re going to get the bulk of them filled this month.
4. Our yard is coming together this year! We’ve planted dozens of new trees and have an amazing herb and vegetable garden going. I never would have believed we could grow anything out here where the wind, rocks, frosts, insects, rabbits, and etcetera are against us. Even the chickens have left it alone. Next on my list is to make my own cheeses. I’m going to live off the land, baby! (Ha! Yeah, right.)
5. This is the sad news: after being in remission for a little while, my mom’s cancer is back. I mention this because some of you have been there for me as my mom has fought this off and on for the last four years. This will be her third fight and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Cancer is a ravaging demon and chemo not much better.
6. I’ve been plotting, plotting, and REplotting! No, I’m not planning to take over the world, I’ve just been trying out exercises to revamp the plots of two books. It’s been great: these new tricks have helped me see glaring holes in both my story and character development. Now to implement them into the actual drafts… that will take awhile.
7. It seems like I’ve spent most of my summer entertaining kids. Taking them here, doing this there. Am I the only one that over did it on the fun wagon? Please don’t let me be the only one who fell into that trap….

So... how is everyone? Having a good summer? What’s new?????!


  1. Awww Jackee! I am so so so so so so sorry to hear about your mum - I am lighting a candle for all of you in my heart and sending her lots of healing hugs!

    Glad you are having a great ride on your fun wagon with your family! I say you can never have too much fun, so go for it!!

    Summer is my favourite season and currently I'm just plodding along enjoying the weather, yay! take care

  2. It's nice to see an update! And that picture of you with Audrey is pretty awesome ;) I'm really so glad that you were all able to come to San Diego and that I got to know you a little better. In the past 8 years that Jon and I have been together, I think we have seen each other 3 times. We love your family and I'm glad that we all got along in that house together too!

    I'm also sorry to hear about your mom :( I can't imagine what you must be going through, but our prayers are with you and I hope that your writing is a good outlet for you, especially when the kids start school again.

  3. Cancer really is a demon. I'll be sending all kinds of good wishes your way.

    Summer is always crazy busy - family, friends and fun. That's the way it should be - enjoy! :)

  4. I've been terrible at the blogging. I'm trying to get back into it now (let's hope I can keep it up).

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mothers cancer. It's a tough struggle. My prayers are with you.

  5. Sorry about your mom. I'll keep her in my prayers. I'm glad you've been having a fun summer. That's what summers are for. Don't apologize about the blogging. It should be a lower priority. Way to go with the school kits! You are awesome. *HUGS*

  6. hi miss jackee! i just soooo sorry bout your moms cancer coming back. i could know how much discouraging it is for her and for you and for everyone. for sure im gonna be doing lots of prayers for her and for you.
    ...big hugs from lenny

  7. Sounds like a very busy summer for you. Your mom is in my prayers.

  8. Reading about your mom made the rest of your post fly out the window. From everything I know about her, she is a strong woman. The last time she worked through it, and I couldn't have been more impressed. I'd hoped she'd kicked it away for a long while.

    I'll be thinking of her and you.

    Take care of your family. Write. We're here when you have time. And reach out to me anytime. You have my e-mail. I think you even have my phone number. The only thing you're missing is my Social Security #. (I'm not giving you that.)

  9. Jackee, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom! I didn't know she had had cancer. :( I'll be praying for you guys. That is so hard.

    I think I'm going through summer whiplash, too. That's a great way to put it. I'm so exhausted!


  10. I've been a terrible blogger too! School starts this week for my kids, so I'm trying to get back in the swing of things now. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

  11. Praying for your mom and all of your who love her so much and are there for her in her fight!

    I'm in denial that summer is ending and school is starting. Time marches relentlessly on. I didn't get enough fun time in with my kids - it goes to by too fast!

  12. Hi Jackie, Nice to catch up. I have been very blog remiss this summer. Just couldn't get my act together.

    All my love, thoughts and prayers for your Mum. Hugs and good thoughts to you too!

    Summer....where did it go?

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