Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lenny: My Favorite (Now) 13 Year Old

13 Years Ago Today....

An Amazing Person Was Born.


(Sorry for the rushed video--my mom and I made a different one for you on our vacation in Maine, but I couldn't get it to work. Boo! I'll have to work on recovering it for another day.)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


On Saturday my husband and I went to a Master Gardener’s conference. It was a fun and informative meeting! I was grateful to spend that time together and learn so much in the process.

In the container gardening workshop the little lady who taught it used a great three word way to remember how to make garden pots look great:

1st use a….

  • THRILLER (The focal, stand-out plant. It can be arranged centrally or towards the back or the side. Usually it’s an upright plant.)
  • SPILLERS (These are vining or creeping plants that are allowed to spill over the edge of the container.)
  • FILLERS (They are the pretty, contrasting yet complimenting plants that fill all the spaces in between the thrillers and spillers so that no bare ground shows. You want your container to look like it’s been in the container for months.)

photo credit: country road greenhouses

This three fold approach made me really think about how I lived my life, especially on a day to day basis. Do I make sure one, focal thing in my day—a bright spot that makes me happy and draws my attention to the things that matter most to me is present? And do I carefully plant spillers—activities that overflow into beautiful things for other’s lives? Then do I fill the remainder of the space in my days with actions that add contrast and compliment to what I want for my life and my family’s lives?

I am reminded of a similar analogy that was used by Stephen Covey: begin by filling a jar with big rocks, then pebbles, then sand then use water to fill the air spaces that nothing else can fit into.You will be surprised how much can fit into the space.

We can fit all sorts of good things into our lives if we try daily and consistently to work around the focal points that bring us true joy. Then fill in the spaces with good, purposeful things.

My goal for the month: Savor those big, bright spots of my life!

Happy Thursday, my friends!